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Child Soldiers: How the United States has an obligation to help them.
In many parts of the world throughout history young children have been involved in armed conflicts. The destiny of the children who are recruited into armed conflict is tragically changed when they are forced to participate in the conflicts. Worldwide the number of child of ages ranging from 6-19 working as child soldiers is estimated to be over 250,000 (“Child soldiers”). These children are deprive of their chance to live a normal life like other young children in other parts of the world but instead are exposed both physical and psychological abuse which affect them ...view middle of the document...

The United States should teach the countries that use children as soldiers how to cherish them but not leading them to their slaughter.
Another reason that United States should is obligated to help out child soldiers is that once they are recruited they are treated like adults in armies. The children are treated in the same way as adults. According to slinger (p13) “the children once recruited are subjected to regular physical and emotional abuse which involves a lot of degradation and humiliation in order to radicalize and instill fear and discipline in the young recruits”. This makes them easy to manipulate to carry out human rights violations. As a believer in human rights the US should act to prevent this. The humiliation subjected to the children has serious long term psychological consequences that lead to low self esteem and feelings of guilt leading them to engage in acts of violence to find solutions to their problems.
The children who are recruited to join armed groups do not have any way of escaping the risks and hardships associated with the conditions of battle field. The children are exposed to hard labor and those who cannot manage are beaten like salvages and some of them shot. The superiors take advantage of the children’s in ability to make good decisions to introduce them to drugs, alcohol and sex in order to be able to further manipulate them. The drugs expose them to long term problems such as sexually transmitted diseases. According to the article by war child on child soldiers “the children are treated as adults and are also subjected to the same rules affecting the adult soldiers. They can be beaten to death or shot for disobedience or attempting to escape”.
The other important reasons that the United States is obligated to offer help to child soldiers is that they present a serious threat to the security of the United States. In some countries where children are recruited and used as soldiers such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen these children are radicalized with teachings against the United States and the west in general and trained to carry out terrorist acts against the United States and its allies. The children are trained and turned into brutal terrorists through indoctrination. The child soldiers are given weapon training by the armed groups and given teachings that manipulate them to turn against Americans without thinking twice and therefore they pose a serious security threat to the United States citizens and the properties both within and outside the United States. In order to stop this threats the United States is obliged to help the child soldiers by rescuing them and preventing them from being trained into future terrorists.
Another reason why the United States is obligated to help child soldiers is that the United States offers military aid to countries that use children as soldiers. Good examples of these include countries like Yemen, South Sudan and the Syrian opposition. This...

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