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Child Sexual Abuse Versus False Memory Syndrome

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Child Sexual Abuse Versus False Memory Syndrome

People can experience sexual abuse memories from their childhood. These individuals believe that they went through such a traumatic experience of this kind. By remembering how these events occurred in details, these memories are truly experienced by all of these individuals’ emotions and beliefs. Research shows than child sexual abuse memories can occur in the form of repressed childhood experience and/or in the form of False Memory Syndrome.

Personally, I identify both of these matters as important psychological and social problems. This is due to the fact that too many innocent children go through sexual abuse by their relatives. With today’s technology, societies are still not able to recognize it, prevent it, and threat it accurately in the timely matter. For instance, those sexual abused traumas ...view middle of the document...

These help seeking people’s health and well-beings are highly influenced by their therapist’s treatment. However, instead of focusing on curing their problems, the health professional worker induce false memory by using “special memory recovery techniques, including hypnosis, regression therapy, journal writing, dream interpretation, and interpretation of bodily symptoms” (Comer, 2014, p.157). These false memory induces are manifested by the fact that, the client’s “memories were contrary to physical evidence, such as explicit and detailed recollections of rape and abortion when medical examination confirmed virginity” (Loftus, 1997, p. 70-75). False Memory Syndrome occurs for the response of the unreal situation’s beliefs, as this emotional influence take cognitive place and develops into unreal-memories.

The side of the most compelling argument to me is the repressed childhood memories of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing dangerous psychosocial problem, which requires more understanding and treatment for the abused and for the abuser individuals. I believe if False Memory Syndrome occurs, it is more recognizable and curable among adult individuals; those fully grown and developed into an independent person. In which, they have full access to medical and legal help. Innocent children have no physical, emotional, mental, and legal help and/or support to lean on in order to identify and understand sexual abuse by their own family member. These children are influenced by an adult point of view, including parents, educators, and caregivers whom are not supporting the child problem regarding sexual abuse. Children’s psychological and cognitive mindsets are not capable to go against societal rules and their supporting system where they nourished their emotional balance.

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