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Child Sexual Abuse In The United States And Its Long Term Effects

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Child Sexual Abuse in the United States and its Long Term Effects
David Andrade
Liberty University

Robert D. Clark
May 5, 2014

This will be a paper to demonstrate the staggering number of sexual abuse cases in the United States and its long term effects on children and adults. My interest in this topic is due to the fact that I have been sexually abused as a child and have been researching about the long term effects in people who do not come forward with this problem. Many people have been able to recover from the damaging effects of sexual abuse, however, many still suffer from past memories and present debilitations. This paper aims to expose 5 facts about ...view middle of the document...

6% of children have suffered through at least 1 form of victimization within the previous year and that within this number, and alarming 6.1% had experienced some form of sexual victimization. (Finkelhor, Turner, Ormrod, & Hamby, 2009, p. 1411) As a child, I was subject to sexual abuse and I saw firsthand what this kind of victimization can do to a growing child. This kind of victimization is in no way the child’s fault. Nowadays, children have become easier prey to pedophiles and child molesters due to children becoming more “appealing” to these people. Children in these days are dressing more provocatively, acting more mature and yet they still maintain an innocence about them and that is what the abusers tend to search for. Today’s society has endangered the lives of children everywhere because they are just going with the flow, following in the footsteps of media personalities that portray promiscuity and sexiness as a normal way of life. Little do they know that they are just setting up a trap and the victims are the children. The main problem here is that if this is not treated and taken care of, the victimization of other children may be inevitable as some abuse victims tend to replicate and repeat the abuse on other children. The activities performed with the 6.1% above are things that we see on mainstream television and shows.
Adverse Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

People do not seem to realize is that child sexual abuse is something that affects thousands of children and young teenagers every year. (Conklin, 2012, para. 1) The sad fact about this is that sometimes adults are not ready to deal with this kind of emotional trauma and therefore do not report any abuse to the authorities, thus making this kind of crime highly underreported. On top of that, the victims are even more traumatized because they were not given closure as to what had happened. When I had told my mother that I had been sexually abused, at first she did not seem to understand what was going on. It was kind of like she was numbed to what I had told her because of who abused me. Then again, it took me close to 15 years for me to admit to her that I had been abused from the time I was four years old all the way up to when I was fourteen. I had faced ten years of sexual abuse from different people and was deeply afraid of telling my parents what was going on.
What happened during those years had a deep impact on my life that no one would ever understand. By the time I was twelve years old, I was already hooked on pornography and was extremely curious about sex. At fourteen, I was doing things with girls in public that grown men would not dare to do. I started to see a pattern forming, and that’s when I had realized I was heading down a path of abuse myself. As a result, fears of the person that abused started again and I would sleep with my door locked so no one would come in. I would not shower in front of my football team because of the embarrassment that I...

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