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Child Obesity: The Cause Essay

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As a parent, do you worry if your child is at the right weight for his/her age and height? Ever wonder what health risks being overweight might bring? Do worry if you child is getting the right amount of physical activity? Are you on top of keeping up with your child's physical? The questions mentioned are questions committed parents should be concern about with their children. But unfortunately, there are parents not as concerned as others. In the United States, there are many contributing factors, such as poor habits starting at home, lack of physical activity, and timeless TV or computer time, to childhood obesity that can cause future complications, but parents are the principle reason ...view middle of the document...

The physician will, also, use other assessments, such as ethnicity and body type, to do so.When speaking of a parent's child overweight problem, a prideful parent may reply, "Oh let's not worry about that, it's just baby fat." Unfortunately, the child's weight problem can be contributed to a combination of genetics, diet, and lifestyle. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), studies have shown that obesity among children 6-19 years of age, has tripled in the past 30 years, with the most dramatic increase seen in children ages 6-11. This widespread childhood obesity has increased the risk of developing high cholesterol, hypertension, respiratory illnesses, orthopedic problems, and juvenile diabetes along with other health conditions. These were once health problems seen once in adults only and now seen in children also. Among these health risks, the child develops psychological and social issues, as well. The child is teased and bullied by classmates, siblings, and society, itself. They face rejection, discrimination, harassment, biases, and stereotype criticism. Facing these battles everyday leads a child to depression and low self-esteem, subsequently lead to eating disorders or suicidal thought. This significant increase has raised concern in the medical community and initiated research of childhood studies for the probable cause. Researchers have found the etiology of childhood obesity to be genetics, socioeconomics, diets, and an inactive lifestyle.SOURCE: NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)GENETICSOne of the various causes of childhood obesity is genetics. Genetics alone cannot be cause of the alarming rate in obesity; it comes along with other factors, such as eating behaviors. For example, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome are genetic disorders that may cause obesity because of the metabolic dysfunction (Wikipedia). But, again, if the individuals eating habits are not monitored and treated, the individual will become obese. Studies have shown that genetics contribute between five and 25 percent of the risk for obesity (LaRocca).DIETDiet is an obvious contributor to obesity in children. According to the American Heart Association, dietary guidelines recommend that children's calorie intake should be from 1000 to 1800 for 2 to18-year-old girls and 1000 to 2,200 for 2 to 18-year-old boys. With so many high calorie/high carbohydrate soft drinks, fruit...

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