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Child Labour Should Be Made Illegal

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Child labour refers to employment of children in any work that deprives children of their child hood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school and that is mentally, physical, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. My talk today is about why child labour should be made illegal. The world’s economy is always growing to provide to the needs of the people on earth. This growth of need has to be supported by a large quantity of manpower or labour force.
Childhood is about playing. It’s about having fun. I remember when I was 6 years old, I could not wait until 4 o’clock to go out and play with the neighbouring kids. Childhood is about going to the playground and playing tag with other kids. It’s about when you eat your vegetables, you ...view middle of the document...

But I do remember that when I was 8 years old, I would wear all my jewellery, my fanciest dress and comb my hair trot downstairs to do my homework. Early in life, we are taught that education is important for our future. We are to read and to write so that maybe we have a chance to be leaders of the world. But as we grow older we take it for granted. How many of us are guilty of going onto Facebook or any other social media sites when we are suppose to be studying? child who is in the working force, doesn’t get this opportunity to go to school. They are not given a chance to learn. They are not given a chance to read. They are not given a chance to write. They are a chance to dream. But that is only a dream.
Children who are involved in child labour are exploited and abused. How are they exploited? They are not paid enough. They don’t have medical coverage or insurance. Once they fall sick for that job, they are sacked. When they don’t work at a fast pace, they are punished by their employer. They are not punished like how we are punished when we take our time doing our work. We would probably get earful or grounded but they would be physically abused.
Our working or studying condition here is good. Good lighting. Good facilities. We are provided with so many things to help with our studies. There are laptops, slides and textbooks. Children who are forced in child labour don’t have that benefit. They work in huts which is crowded and humid. Not to mention poor lighting and are expected to produce top notch work.
In conclusion, I believe that child labour should be illegal. I believe so because I am afraid that one of my descendants will be forced in it. Therefore, for the sake of all our descendants please make chid labour illegal.

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