Child Labor In Egypt Essay

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Child Labor in Egypt

Due to gaps between rich and poor in the recent years, Child labor arose. Employment of children under the legal age and keeping them from attending schools is remarkably increasing. Working children issue is a threat that has a negative economic effect on every country throughout the world, especially in the development of nations. Africa and Asia combined account for over 90 percent of total child Labor (ILO, n.d). Child labor remarkably develops from country sides and rural areas where there is high capacity that leads to ignorance and poverty. Talking about Africa, Egypt in specific, the estimated number of ...view middle of the document...

(Ragab, n.d)
Another cause that investigations demonstrate is poverty. Children work for many reasons; poverty mainly is the most important one. Although they’re not enough paid, children aid as considerable subscribers in the family income in the developing nations. Families send their children to work to help them increase their income level which aids them to survive. However, this doesn’t stop poverty but increases it on the long run since it keeps youngsters knowledge at low rate, disabling them from finding a good job opportunity with better income and conditions. Poverty also contributes in increasing the unemployment rate of the adult as employers tend to hire children because they work longer and are paid less than adults. (Itani, 2009)

Edmunds (2005) stated another effect which is that child labor do not just negatively influences a child’s health, but also negatively affects their capability of getting educated. The point when children are pushed by their parents to work is the point where they no longer have time to attend school. However, there would be a critical number of youngsters who try to balance between their school and their work, although the work may badly affect their education.
There were attempts to rectify and solve this issue. Previous solutions suggested that education is the most efficient way to draw children away from the labor market, and that is where schools play an important role. Studies have associated low wages with increased rates of working children. Moreover, School provides discipline, guidance and education that later on will help them in understanding the society and their roles in it. Therefore, many suggest an immediate action to stop child labor and force children to attend schools (ILO 1992). Yet this step is limited for some reasons. First, children will not attend these schools unless they have a fine and stable economic status. Second, schools must be persuasive enough for children to give up on the earnings and start attending classes. Finally, another great obstacle is that most schools aren’t free, so obviously neither children nor parents will be able to afford school, especially those who suffer from a low economic status. As a result, the mentioned previous solutions have not been effective enough in their implementation to reach a resolution for this problem.
Moreover, as suggested solutions that to stop this misery, societies should comply to rules of the Child Law where they should bound to the minimum age for the employment and working hours for youngsters. According to articles 147 and 142 in the Child Law, employers have to provide safe working condition and protection during their working hours from illness that occur from...

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