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Child Growth Essay

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Development and Child Growth

ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development

April 9, 2012

We talk about the descriptions of child development and growth stages and what they mean and how we look at those stages and how a child will develop and growth through these changes as well. When we talk about growth we are talking about the actual size and the physical changes that a child makes over time, We talk about how the cells in the body change and with time change and expand or enlarge which is what increases the growth and the height of a child, also their weight, the circumference of their head, hands, shoe size, arm growth, and last but not least there body shape as well. Allen, K ...view middle of the document...

A good example of an atypical development child would be a child with Down syndrome a child that has Down’s syndrome will have a cognitive delay most of the time. You will be able to see the signs and notices of a cognitive impairment as well as the physical characteristes and those signs could be microgenis, muscle hypotonia, a short neck, and macroglossia. The intellectual disability will tend to be at the present IQ of about 50 to 70 to the moderate side of the IQ scale of 35 to 50 ranges and a small proportion of children with Down’s syndrome could have a severe intellectual disabilities. There are numerous other disorders that lead to atypical cognitive growth and development. There are also other developmental delays that arise from a delay in attention, memory, or problem solving ability. It is important to note that communication delays are a separate class from cognition delays, but that the two are commonly associated with one another. Atypical cognitive growth will typically include a deficit in problem solving skills and a delay in concepts such as object permanence and recognition...

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