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Child Development Visit Essay

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Child Development Visit

Date: November 25th

Time: 6:45-7.30 pm

Age: 4 years 2 months

Place: Jack's house

People present: Jack and I

Aims and planning:

For this visit I plan to visit Jack during his bedtime to study his
bedtime routine. I thought this would be a good visit to do as it
involves physical, intellectual, social and emotional development and
these should be easy to observe throughout this visit. First I will
make sure this visit is convenient with Jack's mum and find a suitable
day. I will go around Jack's house 15 minutes before his bedtime
routine starts so I can speak to him about his day and again get him
...view middle of the document...

I expect him to do this as his Mum said in the
introductory visit he like books a lot.

[IMAGE]Emotional Development

I will look to see if jack is showing any emotion towards the book
such as laughter as in visit one he did not show much emotion but in
visit two he did. I expect him not to show many emotions towards the
book as I think it will be several months until he learns to show his
emotions towards things such as books. I expect Jack to be a bit upset
when he finds out his Mum or Dad are not putting him to bed but I am
not sure as his emotions have alternated in visits 1 and 2.

Social Development

I expect Jack to be a bit upset at first as his Mum or Dad are not
putting him to bed and he is used to them doing so, but as soon as he
gets upstairs he should be fine, as he doesn't usually mind being with
me in other visits.

These expectations correspond to the norm stated in 'Child Development
- birth to 8 years' by Carolyn Meggitt and Gerald Sunderland and
'Child Care and Development-4th edition' by Pamela Minett.


I organized with Jack's Mum for the visit to be on a Thursday, and the
time I said she agreed with. I arrived at Jack's house at quarter to
seven in the evening and he knew what was going to happen, as his Mum
must of told him. This was fine though as she said he was fine with

Physical Development

Jack run up the stairs as I expected and run past the straight line
that had been put down at the top of the stairs. I asked him to come
back I told him what to do. He walked along the line and run straight
to his bedroom where I asked him to change into his pyjamas ready for
bed. At first he started playing with a bucket of toys but when I
asked him again a bit more firmly he did it straight away. He took his
clothes off but then couldn't get one of his socks off and he asked me
to help. He then had trouble doing one of his buttons up as I watched
him but he didn't ask me to help he carried on concentrating.

Intellectual Development

Jack chose what book he wanted and it was a 'Thomas the Tank Engine'
one. In the story one of Thomas' friends crashed and Thomas helped
pull him back to the wok yard to get fixed. Jack spoke a lot
throughout the book, saying things such as ' look what he's done' and
words such as 'silly' and 'plonk' and he turned each page for me when
I had finished it. When I finished to book I closed it and Jack opened
it back up pointing at pictures telling me about them.


Emotional Development

Jack gasped when Thomas' friend crashed in the book even though he had
read it many time before....

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