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Child Development Essay

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Writing Assignment #1 Child Observation
Ashley Novo
Child Development 30- Human Development

I observed a male child between the ages of 5-6 who I will be calling Sport. I observed Sport at O’Donnel Park in Carmichael which is about 25 to 30 minutes from Sacramento State. Most of the activities that I had observed was Sport going on the playground and running around playing with his parent, and I spent a little over forty five minutes observing the child to try and get as much observation data as possible. I chose to do my observations at a park rather than somewhere like a school or daycare for 2 main reasons: children at school are more likely to notice an unknown person observing ...view middle of the document...

“Because of their higher activity level and greater impulsivity and risk taking, boys are 1.5 times more likely to be injured than girls. Children with certain temperamental and personality characteristics-inattentiveness, overactivity, irritability, defiance, and aggression- are also a greater risk.” (Berk, Pg 221, 2014). The physical differences in children can also make certain tasks more enjoyable and easier to do. “A tall, muscular child tends to move more quickly and to acquire certain skills earlier than a short, stocky youngster.” (Berk, Pg 225, 2014). I believe that the reason why Sport had hit himself in the face three times was to try and see how hard he would have to hit himself to actually cause pain. Sport was probably running to the swings as fast as he can to try and test his motor development and to show off how fast he could run in front of the other children at the park. Lastly, Sport was testing his boundaries when he first fell off the seesaw and as he got the hang of it by not falling anymore.
I didn’t notice large amounts of examples of cognitive development compared to physical development but there was still some instances that could fit into the category. Sport and his parent began playing hide and seek, when it was Sport’s turn to hide he went to the playground and sat under the slide that was visible to where his parent was standing. When Sport’s parent went over to find him, his parent said that he wasn’t hiding since he could see him but Sport told his parent that “You can’t see me.” Sport and his parent later on started playing tag, when it was Sport’s turn he kept telling his parent that they were it and to come chase him. Piaget’s egocentrism, “failure to distinguish others’ symbolic viewpoints from one’s own.” (Berk, Pg 228, 2014). can explain how Sport doesn’t necessarily realize that just because he feels like he was hiding well doesn’t mean that he really was. This also can explain why he never thought that he was it while playing tag also. Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory states that as children grow older so does their language, social conversations, and their knowledge. “During early childhood, rapid growth of language broadens preschoolers’ participation in social dialogues with more knowledgeable individuals, who encourage them to master culturally important tasks.” (Berk, Pg 233, 2014). I noticed that Sport had a more sophisticated vocabulary compared to children that looked 2-3 years younger than he was. If Sport wanted something he would tell his parent that he wants it or he would go pick it up, but a child that were still in their early toddler years wouldn’t be able to say exactly what they...

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