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Child Development Chart Essay

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Understanding children and young person’s development Unit 2

1.Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years. This must include physical development, speech and language, intellectual and cognitive development and social development.

Physical development.
As a newborn, infants are showing signs of physical development. They can move their head and limbs, will start to grasp fingers and if held in an upright position use their legs in a stepping movement. By 6 months old an infant can roll from their backs on to their stomachs and push their heads, chest and necks off the floor. By 1 year they could be sitting alone ...view middle of the document...

By 5 years they are learning to form letters and some are capable of writing their own name without support. At around 7 years old a child is able to control a pencil in a small area and accurately use a pair of scissors. Some children may have a better understanding of making intricate models. Gross motor skills for a 4-7 years old can include, jumping, riding a bicycle. They are able to run quickly, be skilled enough to hit a ball accurately with a bat a balance on a wall or beam. Some children may be capable of roller skating and get up without using their hands for support. Both skills (fine and gross) are being enhanced by the time a child had reached the age of 11. They will have improved on their physical skills they have already developed. Their body strength will have increased along with their balance and coordination. Children will have increased in both weight and height and some young girls from as young as 8, puberty may have begun. Young adolescence fine motor skills have enhanced and concentration can be held for longer which enables them to perform more complex tasks. Some children may have developed talents such as music, dancing and playing a musical instrument e.g piano or violin. A child’s writing will have improved and should now be learning how to write using joined up writing.
During adolescence, young people go through many changes as they move from childhood into teenagers. Between the ages 11-16 years old a girls body will change and develop and will have fully developed between 12-18 years old. A girls menstrual cycle may start as early as 12 and as late as 15. Pubic, and underarm hair will grow equivalent to that of an adults as around 13-14 years old. Boys may begin to notice that their genitals are growing and by the age of 16-17 their genitals are usually adult size. Pubic as well as armpit hair, leg, chest and facial hair begins to grow at about 12 and is equivalent to that of an adults about 15-16 years. Physically, teenagers become much stronger and develop gross motor skills through a wide range of sports. Fine motor skills could consist of kitting, sewing along with arts and crafts. By the time an adolescent had reached 29 years old, they could be sexually active and have children themselves. Some could be taller than their parents. A lot of teenagers who are going through all these changes could be worries about personal image. i.e weight issues and how they look.

Speech and language development.
Language usually begins in their first three months. They will begin by learning to use their voice and enjoying vocal play. Babies will watch faces and mouths to try and copy movements and sounds.

Between 6 and 12 months a baby will start to enjoy making new and different sounds and will display their feelings in crying/laughing/squealing.
By 2 years their speech will begin to develop as they start to respond and understand more words when they are listening, and also start to copy sounds such as their...

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