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Child Care Theme Essay

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The Early Years Educator Qualification is structured around four themes:

Theme 1: Health and well-being

Unit 1.1 (L/505/9300) Support healthy lifestyles for children through the provision of food and nutrition

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand the impact of food and nutrition on children’s health and development.
Understand how food choices impact on health and development during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Understand the nutritional needs of children.
Understand the impact of poor diet on children’s health and development.
Understand individuals’ dietary requirements and preferences.
Be able to support healthy eating in own ...view middle of the document...

Know the signs of ill health in children.
Understand legal requirements for reporting notifiable diseases.
Understand the role of the early years practitioner in minimising ill health in children.
Understand care routines when a child is ill.
Understand how to support children for planned hospital admission.
Understand the therapeutic role of play in hospitals.
Understand the role of the early years practitioner when supporting children who are chronically ill.
Theme 2: Legislation, frameworks and professional practice

Unit 2.2 (F/505/9813) Understand legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand legislation and guidelines for the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children.
Understand policies and procedures for the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children.
Understand how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child has been abused or harmed.
Understand the purpose of serious case reviews.
Unit 2.3 WB (J/505/9814) Follow legislation relating to the health and safety of children

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand legislation and guidelines for health and safety.
Understand policies and procedures for health and safety.
Be able to manage risk within an environment which provides challenge for children.
Be able to identify, record and report accidents, incidents and emergencies.
Unit 2.4 WB (L/505/9815) Follow legislation relating to equality, diversity and inclusive practice

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand how legislation, policies and procedures inform equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
Be able to use information, advice and support to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.
Be able to work in ways which support equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
Unit 2.5 WB (R/505/9816) Working in partnership

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand the principles of partnership working in relation to current frameworks when working with children.
Understand how to work in partnership.
Understand challenges to partnership working.
Be able to work with parents/carers in a way which encourages them to take an active role in their child’s play, learning and development.
Be able to complete records.
Theme 3: Play, development and learning for school readiness

Unit 3.1 (Y/505/9817) Understand the value of play in early years

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand the role of play.
Understand children’s rights in relation to play.
Understand play at different stages of children’s development.
Understand different types of play for all children.
Understand inclusive play practice.
Unit 3.2 WB (D/505/9818) Plan, lead and review play opportunities which support children’s learning and development

The learning outcomes for this unit are:

Understand theoretical perspectives...

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