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Child Care Business Plan Essay

1380 words - 6 pages

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I. Cover Letter
I am currently seeking an investor for my company, Basic Quality Care, non-profit trade association that includes and represents long term care providers devoted to providing professional cares to their clients.
Based on the interest you have shown for the health care industry, I am fully confident that our business may be of interest to you, for which reason I have taken the liberty of hereby including a business plan presenting the most important elements related to both our industry and the ...view middle of the document...

Fairmount Avenue Baltimore, MD 21223. Our services will be entirely concentrated on the American market, notably in the health care industry. Our niche will cover those individuals and potential clients for whom living at home has become difficult, but who does not require full time attention in a nursing home.
Our portfolio will provided a diversified and vast array of services, including basic physical and hygiene services, social, educational or recreational activities, and a similar array of assistance services that will ensure that the individuals are able to live on their own, despite the assistance of our employees.
B. Business goals
Our main business goals include providing efficient health care services for our customers. By efficient health care services we have come to understand providing service that offer both the highest degree of quality at the lowest possible prices, that is, the best quality to price ratio. We are committed to our customers, who are the main reason for our existence as a business association.
However, because of the constant diversification of our services, we are also able to offer a mitigated assistance that ensures the fact that our clients will be able to lead a normal life, with the assistance of our employees. Our goal is not to turn into a nursing home, but to provide the assistance needed by clients who are not in need of full day services.

C. Summary of financial needs and application of funds
The required funds are $280,000, coming in the form of a 30 year fixed interest rate. Part of these will go towards creating the initial framework and working capital for our business. Once money starts coming in, it is likely that we will need the other part for future investments in equipment and other requirements for medical care. Aiming to provide the best quality services also means that we should be able to offer competitive salaries to those who provide them, so we aim to have a medium to high level of salaries for our employees.
D. Earnings projections and potential return to investors
We are aiming to start at a reasonable pace and build upon our gathered momentum. This means that we aim to increase our revenues by 15 % a year, which will lead to an annual potential return for investors of around 5 %.

III. Market Analysis
A. Description of total market
There are several markets we could consider given the nature of our activity, however, we can integrate our assisted care in the larger category of the nursing care industry. In the United States, this has come to reach a total of around 30,000 companies, with a combined annual revenue of close to $100 billion. These companies operate around 60,000 nursing facilities. It is estimated that the average nursing home has an average annual revenue of around $5 million.
One of the interesting characteristics of the market is...

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