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Child And Birth Methods Essay

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Childbirth Methods: "Natural" vs. Epidural Birth
For centuries, women have given birth. Like other mammals, the process is natural or innate. Generally, the baby develops inside the mother, goes through a series of twists and turns and exits the birth canal into a brave new world. Sometimes the process deviates from expected events: The baby doesn't develop properly, the twists and turns are confused or the birth canal is too narrow for the baby's passage.

Over the years, doctors intervened during times like these to assist in difficult births. Assistance led to caution and childbirth, though natural for ninety percent of the population, became medical. Today, to ...view middle of the document...

Discussing your birth plan with |
|a doctor or midwife assures that even in your weakest moments the plan will be followed according to your wishes. Some birth plans oppose any|
|type of medication at any stage of labor. Other birth plans may include last resort pain relief or epidurals. |

Birth with Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia is considered a safe method of pain relief during childbirth because very little of the drug goes to the baby. The epidural is injected into the spine in the lower back and numbs the mother from the waist down. A woman who receives an epidural remains awake and aware of her baby's birth and may still feel some pain and contractions but is spared the intense pain of childbirth.

Potential Risks of Epidural Anesthesia

Some risks exist with epidural anesthesia. On very rare occasions, if the epidural is not administered properly, complications may ensue. Headaches or low blood pressure can be signs of a drug allergy related to the epidural.
For some women the epidural creates the relaxation necessary for the progression of...

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