Child Abuse And The System Essay

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Can someone help! I feel alone! Why won’t they hold me? Why don’t they love me? A child that has been neglected, beaten, and unloved are crying out. When child abuse comes up in a conversation or just a thought that passes through when a story about another child being mistreated pops up on the news is a topic that most people have a hard time grasping or even understanding. Child abuse is a physical abuse but also can be an emotional one as well that is caused by a parent, guardian or someone else who is suppose to take care and protect them.
Though some parents or care takers don't plan to hurt the child, abuse still can occur. Children of any age can be expose to abuse, child can ...view middle of the document...

These children are left to fend for themselves, learning signs of abuse my help a child, may even stop a parent from abusing and damaging a child even farther.
A pregnant women can abuse their child as well, while you may not expected them to it happens. Infants that are still in a mother’s womb can get addicted to drugs even the smallest drug such as popping a few pills to stop a pain. A baby that is compulsive because a mother did drugs has to endure the horrible withdrawls that most adults go through that have been attached to drugs for a long period of time. Infants that are neglected, sexual abused, or beaten can emerge into a young child being diagnosised with Anxiety, Separation issues, and other life changing symptoms, that later have the child growing up thinking they deserved the hurt. Unborns and young children do not ask to experience such pain all they want is love.
These systems are suppose to help these children with the trauma they have been submitted too not flame the fire more. Some Systems remove children or a child from a dangerous home and places them into a home where they can have the affection they are suppose to have as a child, but are forced to relive that tragic event again when they have visit with the parents or they are faced with a crowd of people that they have never seen and forced to acknowledge them with what they had to go through over and over again.
When the system steps in and takes a child, that child is placed into a foster home. A foster home is where children that are in a bad situation are placed. There are many foster homes for children that are mistreated or unwanted, but to become a foster parent all have to go through a long process. They have to go through an agency where they get screened, trained, then go through a licensed process and also have to meet a list of benchmarks in some states. Foster parents may go through a long process just to be able to help these abuse children but some are completely unprepared to deal with some of the children sent their way.
Even though that child is taken away from that home, the system still allows parents that brought harm to their child or children to have visits. Though...

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