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Child Abuse Essay

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I am choosing to do dog fighting for the first part. To me people that support and encourage dog fights are sick people. I believe that it could be considered to be more than one theoretical perspective for a few reasons. I think mainly it is the conflict theory. I think that the human being is using its power on the poor animals. They have no voice and are forced to be violent and blood thirsty when most likely that’s not what the animal wants. They are forced to fight till death and if they lose they are usually injured pretty sever and just tossed to the side or killed by their owner. The owner has power of them. For dog fighting it’s hard to have certain culture components ...view middle of the document...

Part two
Growing up having both parents that worked very well jobs the majority of my childhood; we were considered to be middle-class. We never had to go without as a kid and always got the latest and greatest on our Birthdays and Christmas and always took nice family vacations. All four of my siblings and I were able to attend a private school from Kindergarten up until graduating. We never once went without; we were in sports and a few afterschool activities. Once I moved out on my own things changed for my social class. I had a great job until the business was forced to close its doors indefinitely. However I am probably considered to be in the poverty class due to the very well-known economic issues that lots of families are facing. I am a single Mother going to work full time as well as attending school. I had to take a major pay cut but thankful my Son has no clue. I am able to keep up and provide him with everything he needs and more! Ever since my financial situation threw a curve ball at me I have learned to adjust and not always have to get the newest or the most expensive brand at the store. Until I took this class I never really knew what poverty was considered. There are a lot more people that qualify being considered poverty then I realized.
Once I am finished completely with school I am hoping that my social class will change in a major way. Due to the fact that I am striving very well in Dental school I am expecting m social class to be considered more Upper class. I will be making plenty when it comes to my income but I do plan on staying put in my area in Saint Louis Missouri. I am hoping that since I do live in a more populated city that building up clientele will be somewhat easy.
As you can tell I am female. Thankfully during my life this far I haven’t really experienced any discrimination towards my gender first hand. I do know it will happen. As far as my future job goes it is something that I have thought about plenty. It seems that most Dentists are older males as opposed to somewhat younger females. When you go to the dentist there are plenty of females working at the office, but at the front desk or working as a dental assistant or hygienist if you think about it, there are no men working those positions. At least from what I have seen. Like I said I haven’t experienced any discrimination yet but there have been comments made about my job goal. I have been told that I should just settle for becoming a dental assistant or hygienist because that’s more suitable for me and that it is more of a girlie job, I am a very girlie girl. I know what I will do just fine and excel with the rest of the male dentist in the field. Who knows I might even have a male receptionist or hygienist and assistant? From what I know my gender won’t have an effect on my income in my job. The only thing that plays a part in my income will be my patients and patients that continue to return and refer me...

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