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Chief Discretion Essay

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Cranial |
Frontal |
Parietal |
Temporal |
Occipital |
Sphenoid |
Ethmoid |
Facial Bones: |
Mandible |
Maxilla |
Palatine |
Zygomatic |
Nasal |
Lacrimal |
Vomer |
Inferior Nasal Conchae |
Malleus |
Incus |
Stapes |
Hyoid |
Shoulder Girdle |
Scapula |
Clavicle |
Thorax |
Sternum |
Ribs |
Vertebral Column |
Cervical |
Thoracic |
Lumbar |
Arms |
Humerus |
Forearm |
Radius |
Ulna |
Hands |
Carpal |
Scaphoid |
Lunate |
Triquetrum |
Pisiform |
Trapezium |
Trapezoid |
Capitate |
Hamate |
Metacarpus |
Metacarpals |
Proximal Phalanges |
Intermediate Phalanges |
Distal Phalanges |
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First was the pelvic area, there are three bones located in this region. They are the right and left OS coxa and the Sacrum. The OS coxa is comprised of three bones as well, which are the ilium, ischium, and pubis. These bones should be fused at about 12 years of age. There is a size difference when it comes to the pelvis of a male and female. Male pelvis tends to be more rugged and larger, then that of a female. There are also other differences. I was able to tell with this pelvis that the acetabulum was smaller, which would indicate female, as male pelvis it’s larger. The pelvis in general was shorter and wider, which is different than the males of taller and narrower. This strongly indicated to me that this was a female.
There are other things to look at to make sure you are correct in your sex determination. The skull is another way to determine sex. The size of the skull is one way of determination, but I cannot use this as my only means of sex determination. Some ancestral groups could possess some traits that other groups of the opposite sex might have. The mastoid of the skull was small, and nonprojecting, whereas in most males it is larger and projecting. The frontal part of the skull was high and rounded, to whereas in most males it is slanted. The skull after my examination seemed to be that of a female.
Next I needed to determine that of age at time of death. I decided to use the pubic symphyses means of age determination. There are several stages that the pubic face goes through, throughout your life. These changes have been documented and age ranges set to help determine by stage of pubic face, an approximate age. I have determined from this approach that the remains were between the age ranges of 30-39. The pubic surface was between granular appearances, and had somewhat of a finer texture. The ventral margins were rampart complete, and the dorsal margins were plateau complete. The upper extremities were forming and the lower showed continual forming.
Another way I could look at age, or to back up what I found on the pubic face, would be to look at the auricular surface of the Os Coxa. On these remains there was little to no billowing and striae, it was coarse, little to no apical activity, retroauricular was slight, and porosity was slightly micro. This showed me that my age estimation was as accurate as it could be, because these remains also showed similarities of age of 30-39.

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