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Chevrolet: 100 Years Of Product Innovation

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Keith Thorkildson
Fall 2013
The Impact of WW1 and Freudian theories on Western Societies
The twentieth century was a huge turning point for the entire world. Europeans were experiencing something that had never happened in their lifetimes before. Early in the twentieth century WW1 breaks out in Europe and a new way of looking at the human mind emerges. These events and people would really change cultures around the world. Beliefs in the Enlightenment would never be the same and modern day societies are still influenced at what was achieved and destroyed during this time. I am going to highlight the life of Sigmund Freud’s and how his theories impacted how we look at the human ...view middle of the document...

These theories created a whole new way of looking at how the human minds work. “Sigmund Freud was the first westerner to call dreams a window into the unconscious. Contemporary therapists may not see every dream as the fulfillment of a wish, as Freud did, but they do endorse dream analysis as a toll for self-knowledge and growth, as do I” (Reef, Catherine). This quote by Catherine Reef explains the significance of Freud’s works to a modern day psychologist. One of the most controversial theories that Sigmund Freud developed was his theory on Oedipus complex. He believed that young male children between the ages of three and six envy the opposite sex parent due to their unconscious sexual drives. Carl Jung another hugely influential psychologist also developed his own theory based off of Freud’s called the Electra complex. Carl Jung believed that girls also experience sexual drive towards their counter parent and Freud believed it only applied to male children. This would lead to Carl Jung breaking away from Freud’s psychoanalysis and developing his own theory despite Freud not agreeing. Like Carl Jung a lot of the most influential psychologist of the twentieth century worked with Sigmund and learned from his theories. Some of the major psychologists who worked with Freud are Alfred Adler, Erick Erikson, Melanie Klein, Ernst Jones, and Otto Rank. Each of these psychologists play their own unique part in psychology, and all of them learned from Freud. As Freud got older he did not slow down his work. In 1923 Freud published The Ego and the ID. This theory would explain our inner drives and how our mind is divided into three parts the ID, Ego, and Super Ego. This would impact the future greatly, reasons being that we still use this theory today in our understanding of how our minds make decisions. At the time of the book publishing Freud was also diagnosed with Jaw cancer which came from his addiction to cigars. In 1929 Freud published Civilization and its Discontents a book explaining how we humans cannot achieve truly what we desire. Society has rules and regulations that keep us from achieving exactly what we want. This would be Freud’s last book before he had to abandoned his home and move to London. Freud was seeing the effects of WW2 and the rise of communism. Nearing the end of his life he had to abandon his home and fled to London to get away from the Nazi’s. Sigmund Freud would end his life in London on September 23, 1939 dying from lung cancer.
WW2 and the rise of communism was a direct effect from WW1. The First World War would lay the foundation for the Soviet Union and communism in Germany to rise up and start another World War. WW1 started on June 28th, 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war a Serbia. This war would change the economics, politics, and social attributes across Europe forever. The impact of WW1 would form new governments and change the world map for good. During the war Russia’s government was overthrown by the...

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