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Cherns Staffing Strategy Essay

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Chern's Staffing Strategy
Melanie Caple
Indiana Wesleyan University
Staffing, Performance Management and Training
HRMT 537-01A
Merle Heckman
March 29, 2015

Chern's Staffing Strategy
Cherns is an upscale department store that is owned and operated by two siblings Ryan and Ann Chern. Chern’s currently employs over 19,000 employees and has 140 department stores located in 28 states across on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Chern’s ultimate focus and foundation has been built on customer service because they are directly dealing with the customers at each department store. Their staffing strategy is geared towards hiring the right candidates for their full time and ...view middle of the document...

The first short-term outcome goals should be to identify a specific number of candidates that can be easily promoted into other position within the next year. The second outcome goal should be to reduce the turnover by 10%, ensuring they are retaining their top talent, keeping their top talent at Chern’s rather than moving to other competitors in the department store industry.
Long Term Process goals should be to develop a pool of successful candidates by building relationships with potential candidates prior to positions become available. This can be completed by utilization of online networking tools such as Linked In, getting your name in front of candidates and developing relationships with individuals that are currently working in areas of departmental stores and customer service. Another way to achieve this goal is to develop relationships with colleges by attending job fairs and creating your own recruiting events, speaking to college students looking for part time positions, that could possibly turn in to long-term careers down the road. Long-term outcome goals should be to ensure their succession program is working by identifying and developing a select group of candidates to be readily promoted when positions become available. The succession program should include a diverse group of candidates that are being developed for future positions, eliminating all adverse impact that has been recorded
Formal Talent philosophy, HR Strategy and Specific Staffing Strategy
The talent philosophy, HR strategy and Staffing Strategy should be focused on developing internal employees for future internal positions. Since Cherns is committed to developing their employees and growing from within the organization, Chern’s talent philosophy should be they treat their employees as partners or investors. The HR Strategy should be geared toward stating they acquire, develop and retain employees that are dedicated to the organization. The specific staffing strategy should follow the nine elements of a staffing strategy as listed by Phillip & Gully (2015). The staffing strategy, in my opinion should continue to focus on core employees. Since customer service is the key to success at Cherns, a flexible workforce, which is usually made up of temporary employees, may not be the best route for Cherns to take. When focusing on talent, I believe Cherns should focus on both internal and external. Internal should be the key initially for promotions; however external focus should also be included for starting positions, identifying talent that can easily be promoted to higher positions. All candidates being hired into the organization should have a minimum set of skills required to fill an open positions. These customer service skills should include, but not limited to, listening skills, a positive attitude and self control (Doyle, n.d.). While some of these skills can be taught, these skills are a necessity when dealing with customers and...

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