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Chern's Case Chapter 3 Essay

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Chern Case – Chapter 3
The “Canadian” Legal Context

Possible inequities: | Cause? | Solution? |
Table A-2There seems to be preference in the selection of Asians, males and Hispanic persons | When analyzing Table A-2, which compares the percentage of males, females, Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics employed in a job category with their availability in the relevant population of qualified people interested in the position, we’ve come to the conclusion that the company’s staffing practices are underutilizing certain groups. The basis for this conclusion is because three groups, specifically Females, Whites and Blacks seem to be underutilized when compared to the other three groups (Males, Asians, and Hispanics). Moreover, all current Females, Whites and Blacks sales associates all have a 5% lower percentage when compared to the ...view middle of the document...

17% compared to approximately 8%. | Chern could review their sourcing and advertising strategy to better position the company for effective targeting.Chern could enhance their selection process to eliminate ethnical biases. This could be achieved by offering training on biases to HR employees as well as providing a diversified selection committee. Strengthen their sales associate selection process by integrating the 80 0r 4/5 rule as an effective selection tool. |
Table A-4There is a concentration of Females and underutilization Males in the Sales Associates position.Concentration of Males (and therefore underutilization of Females) in both the Department Managers and Store Managers positionHigh concentration of Blacks in the Store Managers position in which all other minority groups, including Whites, Asians, and Hispanics, seem to be underutilized.Both Whites and Blacks are underutilized in positions such as the Sales Associates position and Department Managers position, where there is a high concentration of Asians and Hispanics instead. | Employment practices are not racially equitable. This means that employees are not being treated consistently based on their protected status.There is a flaw in the company’s succession planning practices as there is disproportionate number of males to females in store manager position. | Chern’s needs to develop an equal Employment Opportunity company in which employment practices of the company should represent more equitable number of females, males and the minority group.Chern’s would create an equal opportunity for everyone to obtain a job or promotion, not just members of protected classes. An individual at Chern’s cannot be discriminated against based on age, disability, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion and/or sex.staffing quotas can be used as a guideline at Chern’s to ensure that there is no major deviation from the requirements of employment equity. |

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