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Chemistry Review

2282 words - 10 pages

1.1 Multiple-Choice Questions

1) 5.21 cm is the same distance as

A) 0.0521 m.
B) 52.1 dm.
C) 5.21 mm.
D) 0.00521 km.
E) 5210 m.

Answer: A

2) How many centimeters are there in 57.0 in.?

A) 22 cm
B) 0.0445 cm
C) 145 cm
D) 22.4 cm
E) 140 cm

Answer: C

3) The amount of space occupied by a substance is its

A) mass.
B) density.
C) weight.
D) length.
E) volume.

Answer: E

4) Which of the following is the basic unit of volume in the metric system?

A) liter
B) kilogram
C) meter
D) centimeter
E) gram

Answer: A

5) Which of the following is a measurement of mass in the metric system?

A) milliliter
B) centimeter
C) kilogram
D) ...view middle of the document...

04300 5 significant figures
B) 0.00302 2 significant figures
C) 156 000 3 significant figures
D) 1.04 2 significant figures
E) 3.0650 4 significant figures

Answer: C

15) The number of significant figures in the measurement of 45.030 mm is

A) none.
B) three.
C) four.
D) five.
E) six.

Answer: D

16) How many significant figures are in the number 0.00208?

A) six
B) two
C) three
D) four
E) five

Answer: C

17) Which of the following examples illustrates a number that is correctly rounded to three significant figures?

A) 4.05438 grams to 4.054 grams
B) 0.03954 grams to 0.040 grams
C) 103.692 grams to 103.7 grams
D) 109 526 grams to 109 500 grams
E) 20.0332 grams to 20.0 grams

Answer: E

18) A calculator answer of 423.6059 must be rounded off to three significant figures. What answer is reported?

A) 423
B) 424
C) 420
D) 423.6
E) 423.7

Answer: B

19) Which of the answers for the following conversions contains the correct number of significant figures?

A) [pic]
C) [pic]
D) [pic]
E) [pic]

Answer: C

20) What is the correct answer for the calculation of a volume (in mL) with measured numbers [pic]?

A) 0.22 mL
B) 0.223 mL
C) 57 mL
D) 14 mL
E) 14.3 mL

Answer: A

21) When 2610 + 11.7 + 0.22 are added, the answer to the correct number of decimal places is

A) 2621.92
B) 2621.9
C) 2622
D) 2620
E) 2600

Answer: D

22) What is the answer, with the correct number of decimal places, for this problem?

4.392 g + 102.40 g + 2.51 g =

A) 109.302 g
B) 109 g
C) 109.3 g
D) 109.30 g
E) 110 g

Answer: D

23) The correct answer for the addition of 7.5 g + 2.26 g + 1.311 g + 2 g is

A) 13.071 g.
B) 13 g.
C) 13.0 g.
D) 10 g.
E) 13.1 g.

Answer: B

24) Which of the following measurements are NOT equivalent?

A) 25 mg = 0.025 g
B) 183 L = 0.183 kL
C) 150 msec = 0.150 sec
D) 84 cm = 8.4 mm
E) 24 dL = 2.4 L

Answer: D

25) In which of the following is the metric unit paired with its correct abbreviation?

A) microgram / mg
B) milliliter / mL
C) centimeter / km
D) kilogram / cg
E) gram / gm

Answer: B

26) Which of the following is the largest unit?

A) millimeter
B) micrometer
C) meter
D) decimeter
E) kilometer

Answer: E

27) What is the metric relationship between grams and micrograms?

A) 1 g = 100 μg
B) 1 g = 1 000 000 μg
C) 1 g = 0.000 001 μg
D) 1 g = 1000 μg
E) 1 g = 0.001 μg

Answer: B

28) What is the conversion factor for the relationship between millimeters and centimeters?

A) 1 mm/1 cm
B) 10 mm/1 cm
C) 1 cm/1 mm
D) 100 mm/1 cm
E) 10 cm/1 mm

Answer: B

29) Which of the following is the smallest unit?

A) gram
B) milligram
C) kilogram
D) decigram
E) microgram

Answer: E

30) The cubic centimeter ([pic]or cc) has the same volume as a

A) cubic inch.
B) cubic liter.

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