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Chemistry Queston And Answer Essay

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Q1. What are the elements of the world?
A1. These are the land, the water, the sun, life and the air.

Q2. What is called lithosphere?
A2. The outer crust of the earth is called lithosphere.

Q3. How much percentage of water is present in earth’s
A3. Water cover 75% of the earth‘s surface.

Q4. What is called atmosphere?
A4. The air that covers the whole of the earth like a blanket,
Is called atmosphere.

Q5. What is known as biosphere?
A5. The hydrosphere and the lithosphere interact and make
life possible , is know as the biosphere.

Q6. What is the composition air?
A6. It is a mixture of many gases like nitrogen, oxygen,
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The clouds are heated by radiation and
re-radiation .The water vapour further heated and moves
up. When the cloud goes up lose energy and comes
down there is another cloud going up. The force
experience electro static force of attraction and there is a
crash of clouds. This is how rain is formed.

Q12. What is known s air pollution?
A12. The contamination of the air by harmful gas such as
(CO2, C, CO, NO2, and SO2) they are called

Q13. List any three human activities hat you think would
lead to air pollution
A13. Industrial smoke, burning of fossil fuels, and
dust/smoke – asthma.

Q14. How does carbon affect the air?
A14. Incomplete combustion take place when e inhale air
with carbon our respiratory system is affected.

Q15. What is fresh water?
A15. Water without any dissolved salts and impurities.

Q16. Where do we find it?
A16. Fresh water is found in icecaps, glaciers, spring,
rainwater and water from underground.

Q17. How is water polluted?
A17. Water dissolves the fertilizers and pesticides that we use
On our farms. So some percentage of these substance
Are washed into the water bodies. Sewage from our town
and cities and the waste from factories are also dumped
into rivers or lakes.

Q18. What are the factors or process that makes soil?
A18. The sun, water, wind, climate changes, human activities.

Q19. What are the mixture that contain inside the soil?
A19. ...

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