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Chemistry Of Chocolate Essay

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Chemistry of chocolate!!
* Chocolate are made from nature cocoa bean powder. There are 8% to 26% fat content runs in cocoa powder. It had tart and acidic with a pH of 5.5.
* Dutch-processed cocoa powder from cocao beans that have been treated with potassium carbonate solution. This treat ment raized up the pH to neutral 7 or alkaline 8, gives cocao a darker color, and neutralizes free acid to give a milder taste.
* Chocolate also contains pylyphenols, which belong to a larger group of chemicals called antioxidants – these chemicals protects cells against from free radicals-atoms, molecules, or ions with upaied electrons

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* Alkaloid are basic compounds that usually contain a Nitrogen atom, and ring in their structures (They’re often associated with poisonous or addictive things, like nicotine and morphine. This is the reason why the dark chocolate taste bitter.
* The molecular structures between caffeine and theobromine are very similar. The only different that theobromine has a hygrogen atom (H), and caffeine has a methy groups (a caborn attached to four Hrogens on the end.
Is a water-insoluble, crystalline, bitter powder;
Is an isomer of theophylline, as well as praxanthine.. Theobromine is catergorized as a dimethyl xanthine, which mean it is a xanthine with two methyl groups.

Some of these properties originate from a class of chemicals called methylxanthines. Methylxanthine is what caffeine, theobromine and xanthine are derived from, all of which are found in chocolate. Of the three, theobromine is the big player in chocolate. This study found that the average cocoa powder contains 1.89% theobromine and only 0.21% caffeine
Anandamide, like other neutrostransmitters,
Anandamide's long hydrocarbon tail makes it fat-soluble and allows it to easily slip across the hydrocarbon-rich curtain that isolates the brain from the bloodstream

is a xanthine alkaloid substance that is found in the leaves, fruit and nuts of a variety of different plants including (coffee, guarantee, tea, yerbad matt) one of the plants is the cocoa tree found in the seeds.
Cocoa bean contain between 0.1% and 0.7% caffeine, 0.2% caffeine.

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