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Chemistry In Life And Society Essay

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Chemistry in Life and Society

Chemistry in Life and Society

Chemistry is an important aspect of life and everything involved in it. From the precise measurements used in baking cookies and cakes to the cleaning agents used to clean the windows your little one smudges their fingers all over! Precise measuring when baking is essential. If one puts too much of one chemical it can throw the whole dish off and make it inedible. Many foods are also flavored with artificial flavoring and those are also chemicals as well. Chemicals affect the daily lives of everyone although some do not even ...view middle of the document...

Accuracy of a measurement is how close the measured value is to the accepted value. In science “scientific numbers are reported so that every digit is certain except the last, which is estimated” (Tro, 2009, pg.14). Accuracy and precision is presented daily in life.
When people play darts depending on which game they are playing one wants to be precise. With each throw of a dart one gains points for the precision in where the dart lands. People often rely on the accuracy of measurements when getting gas. The accuracy of the pump giving out exactly what you pay for is important because it is ones money going towards getting the right amount of gas. If these gas pumps are not accurate they will not give out the right amount of gas and they could also not pass inspections required to keep those pumps open. Accuracy and precision are not always one or the other though. Something can be precise and accurate at the same time. Take an instrument for example, it has to be accurate and precisely tuned to play the right notes.
When it comes to life and society chemistry is everywhere. It is better to see where it is playing a role in life and society and used it to one’s advantage. Science is everywhere and it can be helpful in life to understand where in plays a role in yours!

Tro, N. J. (2009). Introductory chemistry. (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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