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Chemistry In 2050 Essay

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“Chemistry is always wrong. It never solves a problem without creating ten more.” That’s the beauty of Chemistry. For anyone with creativity, intelligence, and persistence, Chemistry will never fail to provide new and exciting challenges whether it is 2011 or 2050……..— so lots of fun!” & read this carefully ……………..I am sure you will like this…

Chemistry is a mature field. But the question is that: Where will be the chemistry in 2050? Or simply we can say what the future of chemistry is likely to be. Will there be exciting new developments? Or is most of the chemistry already done? Will chemistry and chemists have interesting, intellectually stimulating ...view middle of the document...

The Arabs added the Arabic definite article "al" to the word, resulting in the word "‫ء‬ ‫( "ا‬al-kīmiyā). Thus, an alchemist was called a 'chemist' in popular speech, and later the suffix "-ry" was added to this to describe the art of the chemist as "chemistry". What is the importance of chemistry in our present everyday life? Chemistry is everywhere, and we use all the time in our daily lives, probably without knowing it. Here are some things that wouldn't be possible without the field of chemistry. No plastic. That's no plastic bags, no CDs or DVDs, no iPods, no plastic silverware or plastic cups and plates, no scotch tape, , no synthetic fabics (like nylon, fleece, rayon, and kevlar). Most of your car is made of plastic too. Hello No Petrol……….. No driving fancy cars! No pharmaceuticals. Modern medicine wouldn't exist. No aspirin, no pain killers! No water purification. Drinking water would make you sick half the time. Most of sewage treatment is done using chemistry. No synthetic fertilizers. Farming and food production wouldn't be nearly as productive and starvation would be a massive problem. Insecticides are also made by chemists. No paint. No cosmetics. No processed foods. No air conditioning. No refrigeration. No soap and cleaning products. No photography. No televisions. No radios. No computeres. No glue. No batteries. No electricity in your house. There's probably nothing you've done today that wasn't made thanks to chemistry. You'd pretty much have to go back to living in a cave to get away from it! You know, you probably wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for chemistry. Chemical reactions are happening every second in your body, keeping you alive .Chemistry doesn't make our lives easier, it makes them possible so; as you go about your daily activities, remember to thank chemistry. As some body has correctly said, remember, "CHEMISTRY IS LIFE!"

Mahendra Kalra,K.V.No 1 Kota

CHEMISTRY IN 2050………………………….
There is no doubt at all that the chemistry in 2050 would be very different from the 2011. Traditional & highly specialized academic chemistry will transform food, energy, health, transportation, communications and the quality of modern life.. The parts of chemistry which that will be on their peaks in 2050 may be as follows: • Agrochemistry • Natural Product • Astrochemistry Chemistry • Oenology • Cosmochemistry • Organometalic Chemistry • Atmospheric Chemistry • Petrochemistry • Chemical Engineering • Pharmacology • Chemical Biology • Photochemistry • Chemo-Informatics, • Phytochemistry • Electrochemistry • Polymer Chemistry • Environmental Chemistry • Radiochemistry • Femtochemistry • Solid-State Chemistry • Flavor Chemistry • Sonochemistry • Flow Chemistry • Supramolecular • Geochemistry Chemistry • Green Chemistry • Surface Chemistry • Histochemistry • Synthetic Chemistry • Hydrogenation Chemistry • Thermochemistry • Immunochemistry • Marine Chemistry • Materials Science • Mathematical Chemistry • Mechanochemistry •...

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