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Chemistry Definitions Essay

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The study of matter and the changes it undergoes

(Chemical) Matter that has a definite and a uniformed composition

A measurement on the amount of matter on an object

A visual, Verbal, or mathematical explanation of experimental data

The measure of the amount of matter pulled down by gravity

Applied Research
Research undertaken to solve a specific problem

Pure Research
Research to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge

Base Unit
A defined unit in a system measurements (SI- International system of measurement)

The physical property of matter and its mass per unit volume

Derived Unit
A combination of base units ...view middle of the document...

Rank these prefixes in order from largest to smallest.
Kilo, base unit, deci, centi, and mil. ( King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk)

Convert the following to the appropriate units:
a. 3075 mm = 307.5cm
b. 2.4 km = 2400 m
c. 92.4 m = 9240 cm
d. 0.02 dm = 0.002 m
e. 0.094 dl = 9.4 ml
f. 99.4 kl = 994001 l
g. 5222.039 g = 5222039 mg
h. 7.24399 kg = 7243.99 g

Explain how you calculate density. State the density formula.

State the unit used for the density of a solid.

State the unit used for the density of a liquid.

State the unit used for the density of a gas.

Calculate the density of an object having a mass of 15 g and a volume of 3 cm3. Use the formula and include the units
Density = 15 g / 3 cm3
Density = 5 g/cm3 (solid)

Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Celsius to Fahrenheit

Kelvin to Celsuis

Celsius to kelvin

Convert the following using the formula from page 35
i. 23 C= ________ K
j. 9 C= ________ K
Kelvin= 23 + 273 = 296 K
Kelvin = 9 + 273 = 282 k

List one advantage and one disadvantage for using the SI unit.
One advantage is that sceintists can communicate with each other all over the world but the disadvantage is the U.S hasn't switched yet

What does a line graph represent?
A relationship where the dependent variable changes due to the independent variable

Which axis does the independent variable pertain to on a line graph?

Which axis does the dependent variable pertain to on a line graph?

When is a circle graph (pie graph) used?
Fixed quantities broken up into percents

Draw a pie graph to represent the following information.
Heating Fuel % of Heating Usauge
Gas 50
Steam 25
Electric 10
Coal 10
Other 5

Interpret the bar graph on page 56, Figuire 2.15.
k. Which food has the most magnesium
l. Which food has the least magnesium
m. How much magnesium does a baked potato have
k. Halibut
l. Raisins
m. 50 mg

Use the line graph on the top of page 57 (a) to answer the following Questions.
n. What is the dependent variable?
o. What is the independent variable?
n. Mass located on the Y-axis
o. Volume located on the X-axis

Use the line graph on the top of page 57 (b) to answer the following questions.
a. What is the temperature at an elevation of 300 m?
b. What is the elevation at a temperature of 16 c?
a. 18 C
b. 600 m
Express each number in scientific notation
a. 700
b. 38,000
c. 4,500,000
d. 685,000,000,000
e. 0.0054
f. 0.00000687
g. 0.000000076
h. 0.0000000008

Express each quantity in standard notation along with its appropriate unit.
a. 3.60 x 10^5 s
b. 5.4 x 10^-5 g/cm^3
c. 5.060 x 10^3 Km
d. 8.9 x 10^10
b. 0.000054
c. 5060
d. 89,000,000,000

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