Chemicals Tests For Anions In Various Salts

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Chemicals Tests for Anions in Various Salts



Test tubes and racks


Chemicals used

Hydrochloric acid

Nitric acid solution

Barium chloride (harmful)

Silver nitrate solution

Metal salts used for testing

Potassium chloride (KCI)

Iron chloride (FECI3)

Sodium sulphate (NASO4)

Calcium carbonate (CACO3)

Lead carbonate (PBCO3)

Tap water


Potassium chloride

Explosive when mixed with combustion materials. Never use fabric
gloves to handle substance.

Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Solution labelled if stronger then 2m
.it may cause your eyes and skin to irritate.

These substances are dangerous with material like sugar, wood, clothes
and etc. these solution ignite easily burn vigorously when dry. This
should not be made available in the lab with concentrated sulphur.

Iron chloride

Sodium sulphate

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Then get it checked by doctor.


· Put potassium chloride salts in a test tube using a spatula.

· Add few drops of nitric acid using a pipette. If the salt fizzes
(gives gas off), record the result in the table below and add acid
drops 1 by 1 until it no longer fizzes.

· Add distilled water to 1cm depth. Mix well.

· Add silver nitrate using a clean pipette. Record the results.

· Put the same salt into another test tube. Using a spatula.

· Add few drops of hydrochloric acid using a clean pipette. if it
fizzes (gives off gas) ,record the result in a table and add more acid
drops 1 by 1 until it no longer fizzes.

· Add distilled water to 1cm depth. Mix well.

· Put a few drops of barium chloride using a clean pipette. Record the

· Repeat steps 1 to 8 using the four salts.

· Put the tap water into 2 clean tubes which depth should be 1 cm. Put
little drops of nitric acid using a clean pipette. Add a few drops off
barium chloride solution into the test tube. Record the results.


Metal salt used

Nitric acid

Does it fizz?

Add silver nitrate solution

Hydrochloric acid. Does it fizz?

Add barium chloride solution

Potassium chloride





Iron chloride





Sodium sulphate





Calcium carbonate





Lead carbonate





Tap water






After all the chemical experiments I found out which chemicals fizzes
and precipitate when it is mixed with other chemicals as l have shown
above in the table. As you see above that when nitric acid is mixed
with calcium carbonate it fizzes so as lead carbonate and when mixed
with hydrochloric acid it fizzes as well because it has carbonate
material that makes it fizz. Where as some the material are not
fizzing when they mixed with the acid because they don’t get those
chemicals, which make them fizz.

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