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Cheerleading Is A Sport Essay

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Is cheerleading really a sport? With all the strength, flexibility, and pain cheerleaders have to go through and endure daily, I would say that should not even be up for question. In cheerleading, there is an extremely high injury rate. Cheerleading requires excessive physical activity. Cheerleaders dedicate there lives, hearts, and souls, so do they not deserve the right to be recognized as athletes who actually participate in a sport?
Cheerleading is an extremely dangerous sport. According to Mark who owns his own outdoor spots website the definition of a sport is, “A strenuous mental or physical activity in which players stand a good chance of receiving serious physical injury or death. Everything else is just a game.” yet in his list not what is not a sport and what is he still placed cheerleading in the non-sport category. Almost every week, I come into ...view middle of the document...

One cheerleading practice is equivalent to five football practices. At one, two and a half hour cheerleading practice cheerleaders are expected to run, stretch, stunt, tumble, jump, and do some type of conditioning. In a cheerleading practice there is little to no down time we just do one thing right after another unlike football where half the time they just sit around and talk.
Cheerleading involves teamwork just like any other sport, the only difference is that teamwork plays a more important role than in any other sport. Cheerleading is a huge dedication and takes a lot of commitment. Cheerleaders have close to no time for anything else during the season. Right now, I have practice everyday and do not get home until six and on Fridays, I do not get home until nine. Cheerleading not only involves its athletes but the fans as well. There are at least five times as many fans at one cheerleading completion than there are at the biggest football game of the year.
The word sport is not even clearly defined, “Office of Civil Rights doesn't even have a solid definition for the term, but instead rules on a case-by-case basis.” Cheerleading is already recognized as sport but people still refuse to accept that fact, “The International Sports Verification Committee announced Monday that cheerleading is officially a sport--a decision that has sent shock waves through the world athletic community.” According to the Boston globe cheerleading is ranked in the most dangerous sports, “The 44 high school indirect fatalities included eleven in basketball, seven in swimming, five in track, six in soccer, seven in cross country, one in volleyball, one in water polo, and six in cheerleading.” The cheerleading season is twice as long as any other sport and cheerleaders give up everything just for the title of a cheerleader. Cheerleaders work extremely hard, go through blood, sweat, and tears just like any other athlete so why people still fail to recognize cheerleading as an official sport is beyond me.

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