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Chasing Girl Essay

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Int Ecm&Web Des

Network Security is becoming a more and more serious problem around world. Internet has a very close relationship with our lives. Internet exists everywhere, So the security of internet is really important today. 2013 US government began to attack the problem of China's network intrusion. This shows that this is already an international political problem. We are not professional computer technology students. So I just want to talk about my facile understanding, I can’t do too much technical analysis. Because E-commerce is very wildly used today, we use credit cards to buy thing online, we use our smartphone to transfer money. Therefor I want to ...view middle of the document...

The ways to achieve firewall technology are: packet filtering and proxy services. Packet filtering. It is the gateway routers in the network security policy settings by accessing a table or a blacklist, that is, with the IP address of the packet to determine what type of information is allowed through the firewall what type of information is not permitted. Duty is based firewall access list and out of the router packet inspection and filtering. The firewall is simple, but not completely effective protection against unlawful attacks. Currently, 80% of the firewall are using this technology. Agency services: a proxy-based firewall service. it 's safe, adds authentication and audit trail capabilities, but slower . The so-called audit trail is the utilization of network resources to provide a comprehensive system of records in order to fully monitor and control network . Through continuous collection and accumulation of complete record of the event out of the network, and there are some of them selectively audit trail , to detect possible illegal acts and provide strong evidence , then send out information about the secret way firewall to the Internet , such as black lists. Although the firewall can hit for power to the external network to implement effective protection, but the security of information transmission within the network but could do nothing to achieve the security of e-commerce also need some protection for dynamic security technology.

Data encryption
Symmetric encryption: symmetric encryption, also known as the private key encryption. The sender encrypts plaintext with a key, sent to the receiver, the receiver with the same key to decrypt. Its characteristics are encrypted and decrypted using the same key. Using a symmetric encryption method will simplify the...

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