Charter Schools Vs.Traditional Public Schools Essay

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Charter Schools and Traditional public schools both have a profound effect on our students in many different ways but charter schools have much more of an effective way to get our Children not only through school but also through college. A large sum of students that have attended Charter schools have gone on to college receiving a 3.0 or higher. The Impact that education in Charter schools that have a college prep program is much more effective in student success than Public school education.

Charter schools are publicly funded institutions that operate under their own standards of conduct and curriculum. ...view middle of the document...

He believed that charter schools have a tremendous effect on our youth. If any charter school is mismanaged or test scores are poor, a charter school can be shut down, so it is important for the kids to have high test scores. Most charter schools have smaller classes and higher academic standards than traditional public schools. A charter school is accountable to a state or local school board, as well as to its sponsoring group. Public schools are larger and also have larger class sizes. Public schools also have larger student-teacher ratios. According to a web site called Public School Review, "Charter schools average 13 students per teacher, compared with an average of 20 students per teacher in public schools" (publicschoolreview). At Public schools, both gifted students and struggling students may be lost in the shuffle. Public Schools have little school choice; most students must attend their zoned school which is not always best for the child especially if all the schools in that zone have a bad reputation. Charter schools and public schools both can provide bus transportation for the child if needed.

Public schools are reliant on federal, state, and local tax dollars, funding can be cut. Public schools have to follow state guidelines on what they can teach and how children are evaluated. Public schools are funded by the government, providing a zero-cost tuition. No matter your economic standing, everyone has the right to a free public education. However, this also can be a disadvantage. Government funding is dependent on the taxes paid in the schools surrounding community, meaning that all public schools are not created equal. Suburban areas tend to spend more on education, while rural and urban areas tend to fall behind. This in turn affects music programs, sports and extra-curricular activities causing these programs to be cut altogether in areas where funding is low. Charter schools funding comes from school attendance as long as enough students are enrolled, they will not have to cut any funding for other activities.

Some people take comfort in the fact that public schools use a standardized curriculum that's reviewed and set at the government level. Others prefer more local control. You may feel that the people who chose public school curriculum cannot understand your child's interests and needs. Public school teachers are less able to choose their own materials and have less flexibility in methods and pacing as they teach than their private and charter school counterparts. With charter schools if the curriculum that is taught to the student do not work for them another curriculum can be put in place. Charter schools usually have a special curriculum in fields such as the arts, technology, and mathematics, and they provide a better education than what is provided for by public schools. As such, many students vie for a spot in a charter school. Charter Schools still require students to study English, math,...

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