Charter Schools Essay

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Charter Schools
March 12, 2011

Charter Schools
There seems to be the reoccurring question whether charter schools or vouchers are detrimental for the American Educational System or not. It is certainly clear that charter schools or vouchers are not detrimental for the American Education System as our government continues to financially fund them and interest falls more in line with the minority communities. There are many reasons to support and refute this argument. Charter schools are basically those independent public schools that have some flexibility in defining the curriculum of teachers and are exempted from some government regulations in return for ...view middle of the document...

It gives the opportunity to the students to excel themselves in variety of topics which proves to be very beneficial for Charter Schools. Instead of focusing on just one subject, it provides Charter Schools the chance to do well in other programs and subjects as well. In most cases Charter Schools focus on language, science, technology or sport in their educational program. They give a lot of importance to these programs and subjects because they feel children have a capacity and scope in these fields. (Finn, 2000)
There has always been significant support for education vouchers in the US Legislature. It basically refers to the idea of giving the scholarship to the outstanding children who will not only boost their performance, but parents would have benefits as well. Those families who are not financially strong and want their children to do well in their studies, the educational voucher will help them financially. This is the reason why the US Government is even taking interest in assisting Charter Schools financially in order to help the children studying in these schools. It would not have any detrimental effects on the American Educational system because these schools would contribute in the overall Education standards of the country because the people from minority communities would be able to have a brighter future due to the high level of education. In general, in the normal public and private schools these children, who belong to minority communities such as Hispanics and Black American, do not get much opportunity to study, hence charter schools provides them a much better option to start their schooling. It also allows minorities to study under an American Educational System because there are no other systems that are recognized by the legislature or government other than public or private as in Charter Schools (Hassel, 2005) .
However, not having sufficient funds to monitor or investigate these schools results, it is said that some charter schools are of poor quality by the general public. All the people must also take into account that teachers in general have less experience regarding Charter Schools and Voucher Programs. Therefore, it is important for families to investigate the experience of teachers, programs offered, and the academic success of students. By law, charter schools must have an application process that is open and fair and includes all segments of the community they serve. When the number of students exceeds the quota that the school has in place, some will use a lottery system to determine which students are accepted and others have waiting lists or are on waiting lists. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), these schools have a higher proportion of Hispanic children, African Americans and Native Americans enrolled. (Betts, & Loveless, 2005)
There is an argument that schools are not improving, but instead public schools are being replaced by private...

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