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The Story for Little Ones: Preschool Week #16
Bible Point: God doesn’t give up on his people. God won’t give up on me.
* Talk about the church you attend. Talk about what the church looks like, the people and things they see, and the sounds they hear. Then have the children draw and color a picture of the church they attend and the children may take it home to share the story with their families.
* 10-15 minutes into the service start the Propresenter. Just push play and Propresenter will start the 5 minute countdown (8:40, 10:10, 11:40)
* The countdown moves straight into worship and offering. Once you have started Propresenter, let ...view middle of the document...

God sends messages, too. In Bible days, he sent his messages through prophets. A prophet is a person whose job it is to give people messages from God. Let’s read a story about one of God’s prophets.
It’s great to talk to the children each week before the story about the Bible … book of stories that God left for us and wants us to read so we can know Him better and know His good story.
* Read the Story
* Wrap up the story with, “God doesn’t give up on his people, and God won’t give up on you.”
* Pray before breaking up into small groups.

1. Who told God’s people that bad things were going to happen? (Isaiah)
2. Who did God promise to send to save them? (the Messiah)
In small group do Option #1
You will need a cup and put in enough messages in the cup so that each child will be able to draw one card.
Say, “Back in Isaiah’s time, God used prophets to give people his messages. Today we have the Bible. God gives us his messages in the Bible - all we have to do is open it and read it. There are lots of messages from God in this bucket. When I call on you, come and pull out a message to you from God. I will read it to you.”

Option #4: Isaiah Talks
Give an activity sheet to each child. Look at the picture together. Color Isaiah. Have them take the picture home and share the story of Isaiah with their family.
Please keep track of time and have the children ready to go for checkout!

You are truly a blessing to the children!! Thank you!!

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