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Charlie Rose Essay

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Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose is an American television talk show host and journalist, born in 1942 in North Carolina. He is a famous interviewer. Charlie Rose has been a host for 60 minute interview shows since 1999. He has interviewed lots of prominent people in the United States and around the world. His interviews impress others by his tactful and talented speaking. Many celebrities have been guest on his shows. Recently I watched his interview with former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. Charlie Rose asked Musharraf all kinds of questions but was respectful.
Charlie Rose asked many valuable questions to former president Musharraf and found out all the top secret answers. He asked all kinds of exclusive questions about different issues like Pakistani nuclear energy, terrorism, Taliban, al-Qaida, the Pakistani army and about the book recently was written by the former Pakistani President. They talked about ...view middle of the document...

Critics blamed him for the clash. Charlie Rose asked him about the Pakistani people who favor Taliban against American troops but he didn’t ask what kinds of action were taken against those people during Musharaf’s ruling period to prevent them. Besides, there are some others important questions like Kashmir issues, Bangladesh-Pakistan war in 1971 that are important to keep peaceful relations in south Asian countries which were not asked.
There was some very priceless conversation held between Charlie Rose and Musharraf. They have discussed many private, national and international issues. They talked about the Iranian nuclear issue that was very important for the United States and the world. Usually Iran was favored by Pakistan as a Muslim country. They discussed about the Afghan war. They also talked about the Iraq issue, the Israel- Palestine issue and some other issues that are most important for the world.
During the interview session Charlie Rose asked some critical questions that made the former Pakistani president hesitate. He asked about the Coup, the way Pervez Musharraf became president while he was chief of the Pakistani Army. Musharraf was also questioned about the book that was written by him. He wrote in the book that America will bomb Pakistan to take it back to the Stone Age if they don’t help to fight against Taliban that he claimed heard from one of the officer of his intelligence branch. He was asked about the Pakistani scientist Abdul Kadar who was blamed to supply atomic formula to Iran and North Korea. Musharraf answered all these questions with full of indecision and confusion.
Charlie Rose is one of those people who are well-known in the media world as a great interviewer and talk show host. At the interview with former President Pervez Musharraf, he proved his talent and skills by asking questions from different angles and positions. Sometimes he made Musharraf hesitate and sometimes pleased by a lot of questions. He brought out all the information from Musharraf technically. His work and dedication for the Americans make him a renowned person.

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