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Charlie Brooker's Screen Burn Take Me Out Review

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Dear Charlie Brooker,
I would like to take into account your point of view and review of my television show Take Me Out. It was blown out of proportion and not needed. My show is great Saturday night prime time television for people who have had a bad day at work and need to relax. My show is for people to watch and put their feet up, grab a glass of wine and laugh and chill out.
As you quoted “okay it is bad” makes me think, as one you have never hosted a television program before. And two, Take Me Out is just a harmless hour of Saturday night television. Also there is no need for the bad comments you have given! As you have not given the show a chance.
Furthermore, I would like to ...view middle of the document...

My television show involves important life lessons if so to say, take me out teaches people the right things and the wrong things to say to a woman or man. So maybe this is a bad rated show in your eyes but I think that my television show can help people’s lives in the hunt for love. Because on my show it proves to you that every different type of woman is out there it just takes time to find the right one.
You quote about my show saying “they are all characters, there are: mouthy ones, stupid ones, sweet ones, gothic ones, old ones and identical twin ones. All human life is here apart from someone you would like to spend the rest of your days with”. This shows that you are wrong. Underneath the hard exterior of all these people we all need to find that true soul mate, as this is a part of human life.
At the end of your review you state “in summary: yes it’s horrible. But that’s its job”. Not all television shows are perfect neither is the world. To live in this world we all need to be entertained, even you! At the end of the day you could always change channels, you obviously don’t like the show as it is not everybody’s cup of tea.
I gladly welcome back the return of Take Me Out for its fith series. Because if people didn’t like my show then how did it survive for so long?
I’m sure most of you (including Charlie) survive on television shows with the nature channel and documentaries about salt, but the rest of us need fluff and glitter blown full force into our faces at regular intervals to even the balance.
And that Charlie is Take Me Out …

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