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Charismatic Leadership
Corie Roy
Wilmington University
April 2, 2012

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In 1995, Business Review printed an article discussing charismatic leaders and those that are ethical versus the unethical in their standards. A study was conducted where 150 managers were interviewed on their leadership philosophy, which included their values, attitudes, personality characteristics, and leadership behaviors to categorize them as an ethical or unethical charismatic leader. Howell et. al. define an ethical leader as a charismatic leader who “incorporate their followers’ hopes, dreams and ...view middle of the document...

In times of high stress, a leader’s true colors can be unmasked. How a leader acts and reacts when their back is against the wall and their treatment of their followers is very different between ethical and unethical leaders. Regardless, on the way up the corporate ladder, it is important for a leader to maintain the ethical aspect of being a charismatic leader. As the article mention, unethical leaders will aggressively try
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to make that climb and not maintain the six key behaviors. Ideally top management is looking for these behaviors and developing those leaders whom have the ability, demeanor, and potential to achieve senior level management themselves. All in all, the ethical leaders who embody the transformational leadership style within their organization deserve those top-level positions in order to encourage to future of the followers and the organizations success.
In this article, I didn’t really find any terms or concepts that were difficult or odd. I found everything to be pretty self-explanatory and it all made sense to me. The article was pretty detailed in the differences between ethical and unethical charismatic leader, but there was not anything that was unusual. I did however find the opinion of, “Without awareness of the key behaviors, moral standards and effects distinguishing ethical and unethical charismatic leaders, appointing a charismatic to a leadership position can be dangerous” to be out of the ordinary and I don’t think that I necessarily agree with the statement. I don’t think that one has to be aware of the six key behaviors specifically to know whether or not someone is right for a leadership position. Nevertheless, most people when new to a role whether it be in leadership or another avenue are going to need coaching and will likely have to develop in their role. I also do not...

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