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Characters That Impacted Ishmael's Life As A Child Soldier

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Serena Cyr
Mrs. Luscombe
November 19, 2010

Characters that Impacted Ishmael's Life as a Child Soldier
As Ishmael Beah shares his life of war through his book A Long Way Gone we learn of his experiences, relationships and the true depth of life as a child soldier. Throughout his journey Ishmael meets new people, some of whom try to kill him and others who try to help him. He loses old relationships and forms new ones, that have a great impact on his future. Two people that were a huge part of Ishmael's soldier life are Lieutenant Jabati; by influencing where he stands today, and Esther by having faith in him. Both characters were there for him in very different ways and both ...view middle of the document...

It was his intuition that influenced him to send Ishmael off for the opportunity of a better life, and led him to meet a woman that became a very good friend.
Once Ishmael is taken out of the army he is sent to the Benin Home, a hospital specifically designed to rehabilitate child soldiers where he learns how to fit into society again and start his life over, with the help of a woman name Esther. She started as his nurse and by the end Ishmael's was able to admit he loved her. Once his recovery improved his sessions started with Esther. She took the time to learn about what he liked and this earned his trust. She bought him presents, a walkman and cassettes, and took him on trips to Freetown that gave him the ability to admire her more and more. Eventually he laugh, smiles and calls her his sister. On his last visit to her house Ishmael realizes that he loves her but never tells her this (181). Esther never forced Ishmael to talk to her but when he did she listened with quite voice. It was her kindness and...

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