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Characteristics Of Human Service Organizations Essay

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Characteristics of a Human Services Organization
Jeniel Petrovich
University of Phoenix
October 24, 2011

The Harbor House of Central Florida is a local nonprofit organization that seeks to eradicate domestic violence through education and advocacy. They are the only state certified domestic violence center in Orange County, Florida. They provide a safe haven for survivors and promise a better future through educational programs and dedication (Harbor House, 2011). This paper will discuss this organization, as well as its vision and mission. The paper will also address how the organization is governed and staffed, their key stakeholders, and how they influence the ...view middle of the document...

The key stakeholders in the organization include the employees and board of directors, the local and state government, contributors, the community, and the survivors. The survivors of domestic violence as well as the community have the biggest impact and influence on the organization. Survivors influence the organization because they provide a need to be filled. The organization continues to adapt and grow based on those needs. The community influences the organization because of their acceptance of assistance, the organization has continued to create programs specifically designed for community outreach and education.
There are many community collaborations in place for Harbor House of Central Florida. One of those community programs is Project Courage. This project is a community engagement prevention program that hopes to eliminate “socio-economic problems that lead to domestic abuse, as well as provide justice and resources to survivors in a targeted, concentrated way (Harbor House, 2011)”. Harbor House also offers training in the three “R”s. This training teaches the community how to recognize, respond, and refer victims of domestic violence.
The Harbor House of Central Florida employs several public relations events throughout the year to bring attention to the organization. A couple of events being held currently are the “Paws for Peace Walk” and “The Purple Door Luncheon”. The Paws program was created after studies found that 48% of domestic violence victims put off leaving an abusive situation because they have nowhere to place their pets. Additionally it was found that abusers often retaliate against their victims by abusing their pets, and that 88% of pets within abusive homes are either abused or killed. Due to these startling and disturbing statistics, Harbor House created the Paw program, which includes a pet kennel for pets of domestic violence survivors (Harbor House, 2011). The Paws for Peace Walk is a mile long walk for families and their pets, followed by a festival, magician shows, dog shows, and more. All proceeds go to the construction and operation of the Paws Kennel, as well as educational programs about the connection between domestic violence and animal abuse. The Purple Door Luncheon is an event designed to raise money and awareness of the Purple Door project, which promises that all the families that come through Harbor House’s door will have the resources they need (Harbor House, 2011).
These events are very important to the organization because they raise awareness and money for the many programs and resources that the Harbor House of Central Florida offers. They also raise the profile of the organization which brings much needed sponsors and donors for their organization. The events are also important for the community because they provide needed services, a safe shelter for victims and their families, and educational programs that raise awareness and influence the younger generations.

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