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Characteristics Of At Risk Students Essay

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In order to determine the characteristics of an at-risk student we must first determine exactly what makes a student at-risk. So how do we categorize a student as being at-risk? These would be determined as those students who because of their home life or lifestyles are a great risk of becoming educationally disabled. Now that we know what determines an at-risk student how do we as educators recognize these student within our classrooms? The obvious indicator would be poor academic performance within the classroom by the student. Some other indicators would be Deviance, Disengagement, and any other out of the ordinary personality traits we may pick up on inside the classroom ...view middle of the document...

This problem whenever undetected could result in a student dropping out of school and not getting the education they deserve. What can an educator do to help a student who appears to be disengaged? The obvious help an educator could give is care and support for the student perhaps putting this student initially in smaller groups as they may feel more comfortable. The teacher may institute a buddy system by choosing an outgoing student to embrace and help the student who appears disengaged. If all else fails an educator can rely on the guidance counselor for help as well to assist the student and perhaps find out why it is the student feels the way they do. Once it is determined what is causing the problem for the student an educator can than look into how they can help to fix this issue for the student. What ideas or programs exist in my state of PA fir disengaged students? Within my state of PA many colleges have join up to provide a dual enrollment agreement with the local high schools within the state to help those disengaged high school students that have the fear or do not have the means to attend college financially. Penn State University is one of the biggest promoters of this program and since they have developed this opportunity for high school students the state has noticed a tremendous...

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