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Characteristics Of A Population Essay

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Reflection on teaching experience
St.Urbin Webb
Grand Canyon University
Community/Public Nursing
November 30th 2014

For the community teaching experience exercise, I taught a group of twelve students at Park Vista High School about Chlamydia as one of the most common STD. The exercise took about 45 minutes in which I introduced the topic and discussed the issues broadly and distributed pamphlets that I had prepared. The lesson centered on teaching them about ways of protecting themselves against this disease and its spread, symptoms and signs of the disease, screening and testing and also basic information about the disease. The most effective method of protection ...view middle of the document...

I therefore first chose to increase their knowledge in Chlamydia. I thus started off the exercise by introducing myself and then posing several conversation questions to the group. I needed to learn what they know and they don’t in order to be relevant. With current social changes, it was important to address the issue from a very broad angle to accommodate diverse sexualities among the students. I therefore chose the chance to indicate how broad sexual relations have become and how all these different forms can transmit the disease. The traditional male-female sexual relations are however still the most common way through which STD’s spread. I came to learn that majority of the students understood very well about STDs and means of protecting themselves. However, there was perceived conviction among several students that Chlamydia was not that serious as compared to other STDs. It is for this reason alone that the disease one of the most common.
To prepare myself for this section of the study, I carried out prior research mainly from the Center for Disease Control website about Chlamydia. From, this I research, I prepared the pamphlet indicating that Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in the USA, ( Sexually active females 25 years and younger needs testing every year. I would have preferred data to show the prevalence of the disease and actual statistics from school districts or states and counties. This would serve the students better to understand the seriousness of the disease to address the issue of the perceived relaxed attitude towards the diseases as a less serious infection.

Evaluation of teaching experience
Keeping information simple, relevant, and precise would make the exercise more effective. I did not take the risk of creating a very wordy pamphlet but rather chose to go for a short one with key information presented in brief. Personally, I have always gone for information that is provided in bits and not lengthy essays. The nature of the pamphlet was therefore designed in a manner that would rouse interest and information was categorized by subheadings. Important issues were listed in bullet points to make them more visible to the audience. I therefore gained lot in learning how to be simple and making decisions on what would be relevant and not relevant to this specific age group. In fact, with information on history of this disease and the early methods of treatment which I had found very interesting, I had to make decision to omit that due to limitation of scope and space.
My knowledge and experience in making pamphlets came in handy. Although I have read and been exposed to pamphlets for a long time, I have not been actively involved in making them regularly. I therefore had some issues I struggled to remember especially in adding images to the pamphlet. Any image whether graphical or a photograph breaks the monotony in any writing. However, the image must be relevant and corresponds to the text....

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