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Characteristics Of A Human Service Organization

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Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization
Lorie Janovsky
June 11, 2012
Kara Coleman

Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization
When an individual is seeking help with issues that may arise in their life, finding the right human service organization is essential. The object of this paper is to evaluate one human service agency’s mission and values, stakeholders influence on the agency, marketing and public relations of the agency, and value of diversity demonstrated within the agency. The agency chosen is The United Way of Central Massachusetts.
The United Way of Central Massachusetts
The United Way of Central Massachusetts made ...view middle of the document...

They work closely with volunteers to get their input on the most pressing issues that are facing those in the community. The United Way believes “that the most effective models of service and excellence are created through the leadership of volunteers” (United Way Worldwide, 2012). All employees, volunteers, and representatives of The United Way take on a responsibility of earning the trust of the community. They hope that all their efforts are helping to make a change in other’s lives.
Stakeholders and Their Influence
“Among the individuals and groups with a stake in what the organization does and how it operates are its funding sources, its regulatory bodies, the legal system, other human service organizations, and the organization’s clients and constituency groups” (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007, p.25). The United Way works with partner agencies, other government agencies, and volunteers to have a continued success rate. The influence that these stakeholders have on the organization help to put better ideas out there and will help increase the reputability of the organization. The organization must remember to keep all key stakeholders and their interests up front.
Community Collaborations, Marketing, and Public Relations
“Collaboration among providers is the most effective way to improve outcomes” (United Way of Central Mass, 2010). Through collaboration with other agencies, The United Way can continue to keep focus on the concerns and needs in the community. Working with volunteers and leaders within the agency, they can “generate solutions to the most pressing needs and the most critical issues facing the Central Massachusetts community” (United Way of Central Mass, 2010).
Marketing and public relations are important to the human service organization. To increase public awareness of the many issues being faced within communities, The United Way established a partnership with The National Football League. “In addition to public service announcements in which volunteer NFL players, coaches and owners appear, NFL players support their local United Ways through personal appearances, special programs, and serving on United Way governing boards” (United Way Worldwide, 2012). Through these public relations, the agency can gain respect and trust from the community by letting those in the community know how...

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