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WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTCIS OF A GOOD FRIENDTrue wealth in this world cannot be found in a person's bank account. It can only be found in those you call your good friend. Friendships are considered precious; we pass by numbers of friends as we move on with our lives. Good friends however are really hard to come by. In this world there are friends and there are good friends. Good friends can be differentiated from the rest by certain characteristics, but are actually rarely reflected upon by most people. If you really want to know if a friend is a good friend, then you have to evaluate them on the following criteria. Loyalty, Accepting, and Sacrifice are the three points that widen up to the treasure a person could catch when being close to someone you call valuable companion."Loyalty" the first action or is what brings upon the fingertips of lies in a good friend's heart. A good friend is absolutely loyal to you ...view middle of the document...

Remember friends does not develop to be good in one day it takes time and as you value time you would be happy with the friendship you have discovered.If we look at our own self and we accept that God made all what we have today, your appearance and actions. A good friend as well is one that would look at you passing everything outside to see the pure and beautiful heart that lies at the innermost of you. Competition is one thing you won't seek in a good friend; they would not compare your weakness or make fun of it with anyone. A true friend actually accepts you for what you are, no matter what the world thinks of you. Also is a friend who does not try to change you, except suggesting to you the things that can be improved upon. Lastly is one that points and help guide out where are you going wrong constructively. For example, Steve Jobs started his technology business with one friend named Woz that stood by him from the very start when every other soul surrounding him thought his plans would never be possible. This friend accepted him and pulled him up the large steep cliff to reach what he had become. This shows acceptance in our plans is so important even though when some back out on what you think remember in mind that one person that you call a "Good Friend" would be beside you always.Lastly a Good Friend needs to have the will to sacrifice. What is sacrifice? Some says is when one dies for someone else, but is actually considered to be in a literal meaning. Sacrifice means more than that it has a much deeper meaning to it. A good friend that makes sacrifice for you isn't selfish and self- centered. You matter equally to them; their world does not just receive and roll around themselves. What they have they would want you as their friend to have as well. For example, when a person goes shopping with his/her friend and it happens that you have the same choice for the shirts, shoes, or basically anything that could be shopped. A true friend would sacrifice by giving the shirt you like no matter how they like it. They would not be selfish and get everything they want not caring for the outsiders which this points the last characteristics of a good friend.

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