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Characteristic Of A Good Manager Essay

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Characteristic of a Good Manager versus a Bad Manager

Managers dance on a fault line, they either have the behavior to influence workers to do what they otherwise may not be willing to do, and without creating a stressful situation, or they do not, and the cost will escalate and ripple for a long time. Good managers are essential to any successful organization. Some people are destined to become a good manager while others are not. The issue is that they have not developed the necessary skills and behaviors because they have not had any formal management training. Too often people are promoted into management positions but are not given the right support and development to ...view middle of the document...

Meeting deadlines requires time management skills. When a manager knows how to manager his or her time effectively, he or she gain control of the end product. Effective time management helps a manager to choose work priorities. A bad manager does not manage time effectively, which affects his or her people management skills.
People management skills are a must for a productive manager. A week manager does not care about the associates under his supervision. Some managers develop good people management’s skills naturally, and sadly, others do not. Basic people management skills include listening with the intent to understand. Handle conflict situations timely and effectively. It is very important for a strong manager to show a degree of trust and to inspire a productive atmosphere. Listen with the intent to truly listen and understand what is being said is a sign of a productive manager. There is a distinction between two kinds of listening. Listening with intent to understand and listening with intent to reply. Some managers don’t really listen, when they are “listening” they are really just waiting their turn to speak. They are not taking in the other persons message, they are mentally preparing their response. That means listening and NOT interrupting, not drifting off, but paying full attention to the others message. Good relationships are based on trust, commitment and engagement, and a good manager's essential role is to build these relationships for the benefit of the organization, so that the tasks that are assigned are completed with enthusiasm, effectively, on time and with the energy to do more. A manager with good listening skills, has the traits of a professional manager
There are traits a processional manager should poses. The dictionary defines a professional as someone who conforms to his profession's technical and ethical standards, and exhibits a courteous, conscientious and businesslike behavior at the workplace, a strong manager leads by example. A exceptional manager needs to develop a professional attitude. A professional manager is responsible, honest, considerate, and ethical. Looks for value in others, enables others to achieve personal and professional fulfillment, sets reasonable goals, adheres to management principles and confronts inappropriate behavior. A...

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