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Character Vs Appearance Essay

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Character vs. Appearance
In today’s world stereotypes have a bearing on the way a certain type of people, specifically referring to race are conveyed to others. Many people, who don’t know better, seem to accept stereotypes for what they are and don’t seem to go about there own way of understanding. In the article “An Identity Reduced to a Burka” by authors Semeen Issa and Laila Al-Marayati, stereotypes regarding Muslim women are discussed. Due to strict law in the Middle East and plain ignorance many people today identify Muslim women who wear burkas as less capable than the average woman, which is very untrue. The character of any woman should not be determined by her personal appearance, but by the morals and values she portrays.
The general public and mainstream media deeply affect the way Muslim woman are seen in the eyes of the average man. In paragraph 3 the authors say “One is hard-pressed to ...view middle of the document...

Muslims and Christians alike have different types of their religions. Like Americans, veils/styles are different depending on the origin in which one is living.

Today in the Middle East very strict law regarding dress code makes it seem that the veil is the identity of Muslim women. “To some, Islam is the root cause of the problems faced by women in Afghanistan. But what is truly at fault is a misguided, narrow interpretation of Islam designed to serve a rigid patriarchal system.” (Issa, Al-Marayati 115) This means that without the law system that is strictly enforced in countries like Afghanistan, Muslim women are capable to do anything an ordinary woman can. The authors are both very optimistic when it comes to the capabilities of Muslim women compared to other women and I believe they are right with their conclusions. The authors write “ Given the opportunity, Muslim women, like women everywhere, will become eduvated, pursue careers, strive to do what is best for their families and contribute positively according to their abilities.” In my opinion this a very possible happening when it comes down to it. “Unfortunately, some governments impose a strict dress code along with other restirctions, like limiting education for women, to appear ‘authentically Islamic.’ ” This restraint on women to keep from doing activities and work is outrageous. Every person man or woman should have the same amount of rights and freedoms.
Stereotypes today are very influential in the way the world is seen through our eyes and runs. People need to research more on topics like Muslim burkas, hijabs etc. to fully understand the meanings of these things and to not classify all Muslims as being the same. Women need to be treated with equality in the Middle East and should not be restricted from things men can do. Character should be established by a persons morals, and behavior and should not judge by the clothing on his/her back.

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