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Character Profiles For Of Mice And Men

1909 words - 8 pages

Character Profiles

* Very childlike behaviour page 5 “[he] wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes”-shows his childlike nature and simple mindedness

* Large frame and often compared to animals page 4 “a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet” this is his physical description which relates his size. “Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse” page 4

* Very forgetful “so you forgot that awready, did you? I gotta tell you again do I?” this is George talking to Lennie and it shows that he was shocked at how quickly forgot the information he had been ...view middle of the document...

“Whatever we ain’t got, that’s what you want.”

* Although he has power over Lennie, he still appears to care for him and his wellbeing “you never oughta drink water that ain’t running, Lennie”

* He is described as well built with “restless eyes” and “strong, sharp features” which sets him up to be a strong character and we later see this when Curley looks him up and down in the ranch. This shows Curley sussing out George and deciding that it’s better if he leaves him alone

* George used to take advantage of Lennie’s stupidity “one day a bunch of guys was standin’ around up on the Sacramento River. I was feelin’ pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and says, ‘Jump in.’. An’ he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke. He damn near drowned.” and this taught him to not take advantage of him but control him “why he’d do any damn thing I tol’ him. If I tol’ him to walk over a cliff, over he’d go…”

* Although it appears to only be Lennie that believes in the dream, we can see that in fact George also does

* Physical and mental opposite of Lennie who is child like, George is intelligent and astute “jus’ seems kinda funny a cookoo like him and a smart guy like you travelin’ around together.”

* Although he travels with Lennie, he always appears to isolate himself as even though he is having a conversation with Slim, “[he] stacked the scattered cards and began to lay out his solitaire hand”.

* Described as the opposite of Lennie “a thin young man with a brown face, with brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair.” We also see him dressing differently to the others with “a glove on his left hand, and, like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots.” This distinguishes him and puts him above the other men as they all wear the same thing but Curley is visibly different to them.

* The book’s antagonist “he glanced coldly at George and then Lennie”

* He is the villain and his actions foreshadow those to come for George claims that “this Curley punk is gonna get hurt if he messes around with Lennie”. Then later we see him “stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie’s paw”.

* He is usually described as angry or to be doing things angrily for example on page 90, it says, “[his] anger exploded”.

* Only in a position of power because his dad is the boss of the ranch, the other men didn’t choose him “don’t tell Curley I said none of this. He’d slough me… won’t get canned ‘cause his old man’s the boss.” This shows Candy to be resentful towards Curley

* He is seen as weak due to his physical appearance, but abuses his authority as the boss’s son “Curley whirled on Carlson. ‘You keep outta this les’ you wanta step outside.” This also gives us a sense of the hierarchy at the ranch

* He is rumoured to be a champion prizefighter “he’s done quite a bit in the ring” “got in the finals for the Golden Gloves” He’s got a confrontational and mean-spirited attitude and he always picks fights with larger men to...

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