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Chapter One On Student Information And Grading System

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Chapter 1
The problem and its background
Education is known to be the key to a good future in any country. With this though in hand, establishments, institutions, either public or private, were built all over the country to reach the need for quality education. One of these is the POST Elementary School.

The POST Elementary School are using old based process where in the teachers submits the grades to the head teacher. The head teacher is the one who records the grades of the students in hand written procedure. The head teacher also compiles the records and submits the documents to the principal. As the student graduates from POST Elementary School, the school ...view middle of the document...


Conceptual Framework of the Existing System
In figure 1.0, after the gathering of the requirements, the teachers need to manually search each student’s document in the filing cabinet at times they needed it or transcribe the student’s information just to have their own personal copy. Then encode the student’s list for the submission of reports. Afterwards, as the student finishes a grade level, his Form-137 is updated in hand written procedure until he finishes all of the six grade levels.

-Encode student’s information into the database
-Compile requirements

Student’s Requirements

-Easy to view , add ,edit student information using
-Printable Form-137

Input Process Output

Figure 2.0
Conceptual Framework of the Proposed System
In figure 2.0, after the gathering of the requirements, the head teacher encodes student’s information for easy viewing, adding, and updating of records. Then print student records and subjects if ever the parents ask for it, it can also print list of students for the submission of reports and if the student presents a request for his Form-137,the teacher can easily print a copy.

Objective of the Study
The objective of the study is to develop software that covers the adding, viewing and updating of the records, registration, and updates of the student’s information and being able to create a Form-137,print it if the student requests for a copy and still have a copy in the database.

Specific objectives are:
1. Secured Records
The records are needed to be protected to unauthorized person. To secure it, we made a log-in prompt that is only accessible by the administrator (principal) and user (faculty). The user must put a correct username and password in order to access the system. They can also create new usernames and passwords if they wish to.

2. Decrease Work
The system provides the needed records of the teacher with regards to student information: the student’s profile, current and previous level, section and subjects. With all of this information, the head teacher can easily create a Form-137. All of these are can easily viewed, added, updated and print anytime.

3. Lessen Time
The time used for finding files and documents for students are lessen with the proposed system . It relieves the teachers from those long hours of digging through file cabinets.

4. Organized Records
Since the paper works are decreased by the proposed system, they don’t have to be stored in filing cabinets which doesn’t only cost but are not safe.
5. Organized Profiling
The information of the students are no longer needed to be stored in cabinets. It can easily be organized in the system. Errors and the time used are lessen

Statement of the Problem
1. Unorganized profiling of student’s records.

2. Student’s records are not stored in one place.

3. It takes a long...

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