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Chapter 9 Essay

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Chapter 9
Case 9.1: The Vision Failed
1. If you were consulting with the HTE board of directors soon after Harold started making changes, what would you advise them regarding Harold’s leadership from a transformational perspective?
I would advise the board that Harold is slowly turning into an ineffective president. Yes, changes are being made, but the employees aren’t being treated properly. Also, although the mission statement of the company is posted throughout the building, people are becoming unsure as to where it is going. There aren’t clear expectations and when Harold tries to explain something, the employees aren’t taking it very well. The employees aren’t feeling valued like ...view middle of the document...

Cook’s experiences and how he treated his students, the overall commitment level and attitude changed drastically. There were less sicknesses, more input and involvement from the students, and it seemed he really listened to his students.
2. Where Dr. Cook’s strengths on a Full Range of Leadership model?
I think Dr. Cook utilized the 4 I’s and put him within the top right corner of the graph–> Effective and Active. He influenced his students, he inspired motivation, he provided intellectual stimulation, and he provided individualized consideration to each student.
3. What is the vision Dr. Cook has for the archaeology excavations?
Dr. Cook’s vision for his excavations is to provide an excellent growing and learning opportunity and for students to come together and work as a team.
Case 9.3: Her Vision of a Model Research Center
1. What is it about Rachel’s leadership that clearly suggests that she is engaged in transformational leadership?
Rachel’s support for women’s concerns is evident in the studies she conducts and this earns her a lot of respect from the women who work with her. She’s adaptable and she is able to take risks with confidence. She seems intelligent and intuitive and I think other women look up to her.
2. In what ways has the growth of ICCR had an impact on Rachel’s leadership?
The growth of ICCR has had a tremendous impact on her leadership. The changes of the company have allowed her to change the way she interacts and responds to her employees. This opportunity has given Rachel the freedom to think about new ideas and concepts. She’s a risk taker and it has paid off.
3. Given the problems Rachel is confronting as a result of the growth of the company, what should she do to reestablish herself as a transformational leader at ICCR?
I think Rachel should accept the new changes but will need to adapt carefully. Her previous methods worked wonders with her employees, I’m afraid if she strays too much from what she used to be, the women won’t feel the same about her.

Chapter 10
10.1: Anonymous Servant Leaders
1. How do the donors’ behaviors fit into Liden, Wayne, et al.’s (2008) seven characteristics of servant leader behavior?
I think the donors’ behaviors fit well according to Liden, Wayne, et al.’s (2008). The donors’ seem to be more concerned about others than themselves and seem to be driven to helping those less fortunate.
2. The effeteness of servant leadership is related to whether followers are open to it. Do you see any aspects of the Kalamazoo Promise that could make it problematic for some people in the Kalamazoo community?
I do see some aspects that could be problematic for some people in the community. I remember reading that some people were upset and concerned about the decreased enrollment in the private schools in the area because of this donation.
3. Based on the model of servant leadership, how would you assess the outcomes of the Kalamazoo Promise? That is, how did the Promise affect...

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