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Chapter 7 Customer Service And Effectivness

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1.I feel that all customers are not the same. You should try to approach each one differently but, with the same respect.

2.knowing your customers is valuable. Try not to be pushy and try to be very understanding.


1.Overall, how satisfied were you with the product / service?

2.Would you recommend our product / service to colleagues or contacts within your industry?

3.Would you use our product / service in the future? often do you use this product or service?

5.what aspect of the product or service were you most satisfied with?

6.what do you like about the product or service?

7.what do you dislike about the product or service?

8.Thinking ...view middle of the document...

If that doesn't work I would give them their money back apologize again and try to offer discount or etc.

2.I would smile,breathe, and stay humble why also remembering that the situation its not that deep. I would remain a customer service representative can handle the situation with ease

3.I would apologize and try to comfort the customer as well as going to get someone higher than me to help with the situation.

4.I would apologize for making the error, ask may I fix it. If that doesn't work I would smile and try to get the manager.


1.I would first ask him how is he today? I wouldn't go on 2 tried toremind him what we are here to do. I would didn't apologize for his bad day buddy had the day before, and ask him to keep in mind about his family that needs him. I would also tried to make sure that throughout the dayI would make sure I gave him a break from the DIS ruptive customers meaning help him out.

2.I think that Cliff just has a lot going on and the fact that the customers are really upset with him he feels bad the customer is not always right.


1.some people forget to leave their personal life outside. Some people come to work stress and when a customer become upset but then it brings up whats going on at at home.

2. I was tried to tell him that he has to come down. I would ask him to take a break. I will also try to make sure that he get his attitude back on track by reminding him that he is here for customer service job, that everything is not to be taken personally, that the people are just mad at the product and not him, and that everything will be ok.

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