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Chapter 3 Procrastination Essay

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The descriptive method of research was used in this study. Descriptive method is a fact-finding study with adequate and accurate interpretation of the results. It describe with emphasis on what actually exist, or any practices that is involved on our study habits. Since this study focuses with the comparison between the performances of Third Year Students of Divine Light Academy who study in advance and those who procrastinate, the descriptive method of research was the most appropriate method to use.

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The third and last part was composed of three questions. It was used for determining the number of hours spent by a student studying, factors that make a student procrastinate, and the factors that motivate them to study.
Type. The Procrastination Scale was composed of 15 questions. Each question is to be answered by choosing and checking the box under the label of the respondent’s answer. The Procrastination Scale provides an interpretation with three labels: Procrastinator, Mild Procrastinator, and Non-Procrastinator. Since this study does not consider “Mild Procrastinator” as a classification, we have modified the interpretation by merging the classification “Mild Procrastinator” with “Procrastinator”. Tables 1 and 2 will show the difference between the original and the modified versions of the interpretation of the scale.

Table 1 Table 2
The Original and Modified Interpretation of the Procrastination Scale
Original Interpretation |
46-75 | Non-Procrastinator |
31-45 | Mild Procrastinator |
15-30 | Procrastinator |
Modified Interpretation |
46-75 | Non-Procrastinator |
45-15 | Procrastinator |

The researchers also made use of the common grading scale that is used by many schools and researchers. Table 1 shows the common grading scale.
Table 3
Table of the Score ranges and their Interpretations

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