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Chapter 3 Assignment 1

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Annette Durie
Unit 3 Assignment 1

Key Terms:
TCP/IP Network – A computer network that uses the standards defined and referenced by the TCP/IP model.
Networking Standard – A document that details information aabout some technology or protocol related to networking, and that document has been passed through a review and approval process that certifies the document as a standard.
TCP/IP model – An open collection of standards related to all parts of networking, grouped together purposefully, so that if a company builds a network using these standards and using products that use these standards, the different network components will work together correctly.
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IP defines addressing, considered logical because it works independently from the physical networks, and routing, which defines how to forward packets from one host to the other.
IP Address – A 32-bit binary number, often written in the DDN format, that hosts use as their unique identifier in a TCP/IP network, much like a postal mailing address in the postal system.
IP Routing – The process of forwarding an IP packet from end to end through a TCP/IP network, as well as the logic used on an individual host or router as its part of the forwarding of the packet to its end destination.
Frame – The specific term referring to the data link layer header and trailer, plus all headers and data encapsulated between the data-link header and trailer.
Packet – The specific term referring to the network layer header, plus any headers that follow, up through the user data. Specifically, this term omits the data link layer header and trailer.
Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Which of the following is true about a TCP/IP network?
A. The network uses only standards defined in TCP/IP RFCs.
2. Which of the following terms is not a common synonym for TCP/IP model? Choose two
C. Ethernet
3. Think generically about the idea of a networking standard, ignoring any particular standard or standards group, which of the following is typically true of a standard? Choose two
A. It exists as a written document.
It has been passed through some form of review and approval or certification process.
4. Contrast an international standard as compared to a de facto standard. Choose two
B. International standard documents have been reviewed more thoroughly.
D. International standards typically mean that the standards group has been authorized by many countries to create standards that apply to multiple countries.
5. Which of the following are true about the commonly used version of the TCP/IP model as shown in this chapter? Choose two
B. The data link layer sits lower in the model than the transport layer.
The physical layer sits just below the data link layer.
6. The TCP/IP model refers to standards other than those the IETF defines in RFCs. Which of these standards groups is typically the source of external LAN standards? Choose two
7. Which of the following is not a typical reason for a group of ten companies to start a vendor group, for the purpose of pushing a new networking technology?
D. To keep intellectual property rights to the technology inside the company.
8. The TCP/IP and OSI models have some obvious differences, like the number of layers. Think about the more commonly used version of the TCP/IP model discussed in this chapter, and then think about how to talk about TCP/IP using OSI terms. Which of the following is a correctly phrased statement...

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