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Chapter 2 Study Guide Essay

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Study Guide Chapter 2
1. What is a nuclear family?
Male and female partners with their children living with them
2. What is an extended family?
People outside the immediate family related by blood
3. What is a married-blended family?
Formed as a divorce and remarriage, unrelated family members joined to create a new household
4. What is a cohabiting-parent family?
Children live with two unmarried biological parents or two adoptive parents
5. What is a single-parent family?
Unmarried biologic or adoptive parent who may or may not be living with other adults
6. What is a homosexual family?
Lesbian or gay with or without children
7. What is a no-parent family?
Children who live independently in foster or kinship care, living with a grandparent
8. What does culture have a direct effect on?
Healthcare-seeking behavior and response to treatment
9. What is acculturation?
Changes in one’s cultural pattern to those of the host ...view middle of the document...

What are the three levels of prevention of disease in community-based health promotion?
Primary prevention – promoting healthy lifestyles though immunizations, encouraging exercise, and healthy nutrition
Secondary prevention – targeting populations at rick for certain diseases
Tertiary prevention – rehabilitation of an individual who already has a disease back to optimal health as possible
15. Access to health care relates not only to availability of health department services, hospitals, public clinics, clinic hours, or other sources of care but also to accessibility of care.
16. What is a walking survey?
Conducted by a walk-through observation of the community, taking note of specific characteristics of the population, economic and social environment, transportation, health care services, and other resources. Information is gathered based on what the data collector observes, very objective data
17. What are the primary sources of health disparities for women?
Low education levels and limited English proficiency
18. What are adolescents very misinformed about?
STIs and HIV transmission
19. In rural communities women have less access to what? Contributing to what?
Prenatal care contributing to higher preterm birth, low birth weight, and infant mortality
20. What does health literacy involve?
A spectrum of abilities, ranging from reading an appointment slip to interpreting medication instructions
21. What is telephonic nursing?
Nursing care though services such as warm lines, nurse advice lines, and telephonic nursing assessments
22. What are some advantages of home perinatal services?
High risk antepartum care and bed rest can be provided
23. What is the challenge for the home nurse?
Establish a positive nurse-client relationship and provide the prescribed home care services within the time provided for the initial home visit
24. The nursing plan of care is developed in collaboration with whom? Based on what?
In collaboration with the woman, based on the health care needs of the individual
25. What are two important components of health care?
Nurse safety and infection control
26. The caregiver is in a position to educate about the importance of what?

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