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Chapter 2 Case Study

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Procter and gamble business strategy is to keep the popular brands that already exist at the top by maintaining and extending the brands. The role of innovation is to create an existence in new markets from the ground up or improve on brands. Innovation is the centerpiece for the business strategy and can not be done without collaboration. Collaboration is where the rubber hits the ground in terms of accomplishing the goals set through their innovation, which is based on new ideas or what else is occurring in the market.
The business model and strategy centers around enriching innovation through collaboration. So collaboration being as quick, smooth, and all encompassing as possible ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore they allow vital information to move in a very fluid manner which allows every person to know what they need to know the moment they need to know it. This interconnectivity creates unison which is hard in goal oriented tasks as complex as in P&G. An interesting example of efficiency is also shown when you think of how people would email another coworker to ask a simple question, knowing the person is in the other room, or call them, and instead, now they can just send an instant message to that coworker. This reduces the flooding of email inboxes.
Some technologies such as blogging is slow because it represents Extra work on top of the work already being done to essentially accomplish the same goal.
The old way for writing up and distributing material was through world documents (because it could not be integrated all the different reports) and manually glue parts of the report was apart of the process. The other was to email powerpoints to each person.
The new way is to use...

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